Top 10 Tree Services in Edmonton

By: albertaarb - April 30, 2013

The top tree services in Edmonton could easily be the same ones in other North American cities that face similar challenges, only that Edmonton does have some specific differences, particularly with its location. It is not the typical climate, to say the least, as it is located so far north that it can have lighting challenges for some specimens, for one thing. Whatever the case, specialists like us can help both business owners and homeowners alike.

We can do so much more than the average consumer simply because we specialize in the field. Understanding something that is ever changing is the key to keeping costs low, adding value, and improving the environment. So, choosing to work with the experts will have a huge impact on the lifespan of the trees and on your life.

Top 10 Tree Services in Edmonton, Alberta

1. Landscape design. Planning the layout and overall design of all the plantings on the property.

2. Planting selection. Choosing the right trees for your needs, taking everything into consideration.

3. Planting. The way in which trees are planted will affect their growth and lifespan.

4. Pruning. Pruning is a service that is necessary, especially since most consumers don't have the skills or knowledge to do what's right for any particular tree. It will keep them looking their best, while owners are safe from harm.

5. Disease treatment. With qualified arborists on the job, you can ensure your trees are healthy. They can spot a problem, like an infestation before it gets out of hand, so that the trees can be saved.

6. Preservation. Preserving trees is crucial, and that comes with constant care they can only get from qualified experts. Trees need to be fertilized so that they stay healthy.

7. Mulching. Mulching is an important part of tree maintenance. Moreover, it is better for the environment because less watering is necessary. It keeps weeds at bay, so that young tree roots don't have to fight for space, too.

8. Stump removal. This is a crucial service that should be left to professionals, for safety sake. Experts assess the situation and avoid any danger to themselves, the structure or other property, and they have the tools to get the job done quickly and effectively.

9. Unique conditions. Each property has its own challenges, like poor soil, continued construction, concrete surroundings, etc., and only specialists can remedy each condition to ensure the longevity of your trees.

10. Scheduled visits. These will ensure the good health of all your trees.

Armed with the right professionals on your side, you can rest assured that your investment will be safe for years to come. The proper design and planting selections are just the beginning of the most important tree services in Edmonton. We at Alberta Arborists provide affordable tree services for Toronto residents. Contact us today for all your shrub and tree care needs.


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