5 Obvious Signs You Are in Danger of Falling Tree Branches

By: albertaarb - April 8, 2015

Often, trees aren’t given too much thought until they’re in the way or falling on you.  You’d be surprised how much damage a falling tree limb can cause. This is why it’s important to know how to spot branches that are in danger of falling.  Not only can it risk someone’s life, but it can also be a liability issue if you’re the owner.


This is why you need to be on the lookout for weak tree branches that could be in danger of falling.  But how do you know if a tree branch might fall?  We explore 5 visual cues of which you should be aware.

1. The Elements

The number one reason most trees lose branches in the first place is because of a storm or severe winds.  After a significant event like this, head out and have a look at the tree. Extreme weather can cause splits and fractures that can weaken the tree branches.

2. Weak Joints

Look at the tree in question.  Do you see any Y-shaped joints where both limbs are about the same size?  If the branches are heavy enough, then these types of joints are susceptible to being weak. Analyze the joining of both limbs carefully and look for any damage.  The way they come together creates a risk of breakage.

3. Bald Branches

If your tree is covered in leaves but certain limbs are bare, then they’re likely dead and might fall off anytime. In this situation, you should contact tree removal experts to safely remove the dead tree branches.

4. Shelf Mushrooms

Shelf mushrooms are pretty iconic and aren’t a strange sight on trees; however, most people don’t know why they exist. If you see shelf mushrooms on a tree limb, then there’s a chance that it’s rotting on the inside.

5. Weak by Design

Unfortunately, some trees are just a bit more prone to limb loss than others.  Trees like black locusts and silver maples grow fast but end up being more brittle than other slow growing trees.  Some of them even suffer from fungal diseases like heart rot.

Are Your Tree Branches in Danger of Falling?

If you’re concerned that branches may fall off of a tree on your property, you should call a professional before someone is injured. With over 22 years experience in dealing with all kinds of trees and conditions, Alberta Arborists can help you identify whether or not a tree branch should be removed, and then we’d use the proper techniques and professional equipment to ensure that your branches come down in the absolute safest manner possible.

For more information about our tree services, visit our website, or contact us for a free, no-obligation quote, and protect yourself, your tree, and anyone else on your property!

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