5 Reasons Why You'd Need Emergency Tree Removal in Edmonton

By: albertaarb - April 30, 2013

With heavier snows and longer winters than any other part of Canada, emergency tree removal in Edmonton can be a big priority whenever a storm has come by and knocked down anything from a sapling to a full-grown arbor.  There are many more reasons, however, why you may need a tree off your property.

Legal Requirement

Depending on what part of Edmonton you live in and depending on what type of property you own, it may be unlawful to have certain trees in certain areas.  An industrial or commercial facility, for example, needs specific layouts of any gardens or trees on the property so that there are no errors with regard to zoning.  Housing developments might need trees removed if they are coming into contact with telephone poles, electrical wiring, or sewage systems.  In the event that the law dictates it, you may need to eliminate a tree in very short time.

Insects Can Ravage Trees

The Asian Ash Borer beetle has become one of the largest nuisance pests to all of Canada.  This imported menace has slowly but surely killed billions of ash trees across the nation and into the United States with its burrowing that kills the host tree.  If you have ash on your property, it may be a huge threat.

Dead Trees Cause Major Damage

No matter how big any tree is, if it has the potential to fall on something valuable, a car or an entire house, it will if it dies.  Getting dead trees off of your property is the largest concern for any homeowner, since they have the potential to completely destroy the scenery as well as the property itself.

For The Greater Good

Often times trees are planted so close together in order to look nice that people forget how large they will eventually grow.  A single tree can require as much as five hundred square feet of space around it to be healthy and tall.  Competition between other trees in a small space reduces the available nutrients and light so that none of the trees in the grove can grow tall.

For Its Resources

Trees are not necessary just a nuisance.  They can be much more.  A single arbor is enough to provide firewood for an entire winter, or enough wood chips to cover a property or a park.  By cutting, shredding, or mulching a tree, you have the chance to invigorate a garden with the leftovers of the wood and bark.

If you are need emergency tree removal in Edmonton, call us today and out professionals will come and get rid of the tree that you want removed. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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