6 Steps You Must Do for Your Yard After Tree Stump Removal

By: albertaarb - April 1, 2015

Removing a tree stump from your backyard can improve the appearance of your yard. However, soon after the stump has been removed, you’re left with a hole full of wood chips. The wood chips will eventually rot, but the hole should be filled with soil to even out the lawn. Listed below are 6 steps you you should take after stump removal.

1.  Equip Yourself

If you’re going to be working on your yard, you’ll need to have a few things handy before you start:

  • Topsoil – For any seeds

  • Clippers or Saw – For any roots

  • Grass Seed – For growing new grass

  • Rake – To clear debris

2.  Clear the Debris

If you want your lawn to look like it used to, you’ll have to clear away any debris left in the stump hole.  Grass won’t grow as effectively on wood chips, so first use your rake to clear everything away including branches.  Use clippers or a saw to get rid of any exposed roots.

3.  Add the Soil

It may take up to several bags of topsoil but make sure to cover the hole to roughly the same height as the rest of the yard. Use your rake to loosen any soil that’s clumped together.  Even out the soil but leave a few inches to allow it to settle once you begin to water.

4.  Seed the Area

Since you’re applying the grass seed by hand, you’ll need to strive for good coverage.  Criss-cross the direction you disperse the seeds in and use a healthy amount per square inch.  

5.  Prepare the Soil

Once you’re satisfied with the spread, put the seeds into the soil. First rake the seeds into the topsoil, and then you can add a quarter inch of soil on top. Some people use peat moss as an alternative, but it’s up to you.

6.  Grow and Maintain

If the area dries out once the seeds have sprouted, then the grass won’t grow.  Overwatering is just as bad, though, and you’ll end up washing the seeds away.  Use a fine mist to keep the area moist, but not soaked. You’ll only have to keep this up until the grass has grown two inches or higher.

Need To Get Your Stump Removed Professionally?

Getting your yard to appear healthy and consistent following a stump removal is a hard enough task, but removing the stump itself is not a DIY project.  At Alberta Arborists, we have done countless stump removals with our specialized stump grinding equipment, and we can help you, too.  Plus, when we’re done, you will be left with the stump removal mulch backfilled in the hole from where the stump was removed, so your lawn will be ready to have new grass added.

Contact us for a free estimate, and get started on making your lawn more open and attractive.

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