Backyard Projects to Start This Summer

By: albertaarb - August 21, 2014

The warm days of summer seem perfect to do that landscaping job you have been talking about. Remember though only start one job at a time. When its completed then tackle another one.  Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Project One: BBQ Grill Ramada

Usually a ramada, or outdoor kitchen as they are called, consist of an open box shape with the grill located at the far end. Wood siding or tiles can create a bar like effect on one side so that bar stools can be added later. If you want a sink installed, now is the time to put it in. Plumbing should be considered even from the first draft of your plans.

Another thing to consider is an overhead fan to remove any smoke when you are cooking. Most ramadas do have a roof of some kind in case of rain. 

Project Two: Circular Flowerbeds Around Some Trees

If your yard has a few large trees do consider adding circular raised flower beds. Begin with the brick retaining circular wall.  Sandstone is a good choice but so is traditional red brick.

After you have laid the brick, cement into place in a circle out from the tree about four feet, larger if you want a larger flowerbed. Let this set about a week then begin filling it in with potting soil or humus. The wall will be rather low from one to four bricks in height depending on the size of the individual bricks.

After the dirt is added choose some colorful flowers that will brighten the area. The decision to add a water line is up to you. 

Project Three: Stone Pathway With Lighting

Add a flagstone path in your yard. Start by leveling the ground where the path will go. Set each stone carefully working towards your end goal. Adding lighting is easy to do. Along the path you made insert individual light units. They can be solar which do not require any wiring and recharge daily. This makes for a beautiful finished project. 

Project Four: A Rose Garden

Adding a rose garden adds to a homes value. Start by choosing an area that is not  the main traffic area. Create pathways with crushed white stone or smooth gravel. Install a white rose arbor for climbing roses. Next, begin adding roses including waterlines along the borders of the area. Follow rose planting guidelines. Add taller varieties towards the back and smaller tea rose shrubs along the path. Add gazing globes and fairy statues to the garden for beauty.

Project Five: Waterfalls

A water feature is not difficult to add. Locate an area in the yard that can have different elevations. Hook up a water line and before turning it on landscape with boulders or stones. Turn on the water and enjoy it cascading down. 


Home projects put your personal stamp on your house. It is easier than you think to complete landscaping projects.

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