Best Bushes To Plant Around The House

By: albertaarb - July 28, 2014

When planning your new landscaping, you will no doubt wonder which bushes or shrubs you should plant around your house. We deal a lot with tree removal but believe it not, we also deal with planting and growing shrubs too. Although not as pretty as flowers (some of them are!) bushes can be incredibly useful elements of your landscaping. First, you should identify what your needs are. Here is a list of some of the best bushes to plant depending on your needs:

For privacy

Ideally, the best bushes to plant for privacy are fast growing and evergreen, meaning that they don't lose their leaves during the fall. Some examples of fast growing varieties are:

Dwarf Pink Almond, Forsythia and Nikko Blue Hydrangea. The downside to fast-growing shrubs is that they require more maintenance than slower growing varieties. These bushes grow well in many conditions. The Dwarf Pink Almond is the smallest, and grows to about five feet tall and four feet wide. The Forsythia can get quite large at 20 feet, and the Hydrangea can get to about 12 feet tall and wide. Keeping them pruned allows you to get the size and shape you want.

To Create Borders

There are several reasons you may want to use shrubs as borders. You may want to section off areas of your yard for different purposes, or you may want to mark the borders of your yard if there is no fence separating your yard and the neighbors. The best bushes to plant for this purpose are sturdy and easily pruned to get the uniform look that creates neat borders. Some examples of these types of shrubs include:

Boxwood is a favorite for hedges, privacy screens and mazes! This compact bush can be pruned into a variety of shapes, although it is frequently seen in a "box" shape. Although usually small, some Boxwood varieties can grow to over 20 feet tall.

Privet is a dense hedge that is drought-tolerant and provides a lovely border. It can be left unpruned and will still have a pleasant shape. It grows to approximately 12 feet tall, although it can be trimmed to create a lower shrub.

For Beauty

In addition to trees and flowers, shrubs can add substance and variety to any landscape. If you are looking to add more foliage to your garden, there are many beautiful bushes that will do the trick. Here are just a few:

Oakleaf Hydrangea not only offers beautiful blooms in the summer months, but also fiery foliage in the fall. Its leaves are similar to oak leaves. This bush does best in rich, moist soil.

Azaleas make great all-around shrubs and boast beautiful flowers in the spring. They enjoy partial shade and do fine in colder climates.

Finding the best bushes to plant can add a tremendous amount of beauty and functionality to your landscape. Shrubs add interest, give privacy and allow you to create borders in a lovely and natural way. Be sure that you understand the concepts of basic pruning to help your shrubs look their best. 

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