Best Indoor Plants to Have During Winter

By: albertaarb - November 4, 2015

In the depths of winter, many people spend their time at home, waiting out the winter chill and dreaming of summer.

For the gardeners among you, winter can be one of the more boring times of year. Your garden may be hibernating, waiting for the winter to pass. However, you can certainly turn to indoor house-plants to add a splash of colour to the winter drabness.



Streptocarpus is renowned for it's incredible hardiness. Dr. Ralph Robinson, owner of New York based Violet Barn, believes that, even if they're almost dead, a quick watering will restore them to their former glory.

As long as they're kept cool and exposed to indirect light, the plants can be quite tolerant of occasional neglect that a new or inexperienced gardener may be guilty of.

Tibouchina Urvilleana


For the more experienced gardeners out there, or for those lucky enough to have a larger garden to work with, we have the Glory Bush, or Tibouchina urvilleana. Its huge purple saucer flowers bloom continuously from the middle of summer until around the end of November.

The Glory Bush is remarkable for its colour as the weather turns gray, but its texture is also makes it popular with gardeners, since every leaf and stem is wrapped in a velvet coating. Best of all, most of them will be small enough to be safely brought indoors during winter. Before moving the plant indoors to protect it from the lower temperatures of winter, you should move it to a shady spot to get it used to the dimmer light of inside. It will remain active during colder months, but will slow down considerably, so keep it watered and it can keep producing those beautiful blooms for many years to come.

African Violet


Coming in a wide range of colors, African violets can be a great choice for winter gardening. Make sure they get sufficient light during the shorter winter days by setting them in a window that faces east, to get them the maximum light exposure in the morning and throughout the day.

As well as giving splashes of colour throughout winter, they're great for humidifying your home when you might have the AC cranked up. Shore your pots in over-sized trays filled with pebbles, and make sure you keep water in the tray. When you water from above, any excess water will drain into the pebbles, which will eventually evaporate and keep the air in the house from drying out.



You can complement the scents of winter and pine trees with a well-placed Jasmine vine. As long as you can provide them with bright light during the day and keep them cool at night, a Jasmine plant will produce a veritable blizzard of white flowers that you can easily loop around a handy curtain rod or even some furniture, depending on the layout of your house.

As long as you make sure to keep up with your pruning schedule and keep the soil moist throughout the winter months, Jasmine flowers will bloom all winter long, no matter how low the temperature may get outside.

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