Can an Arborist Make My Tree Smaller?

By: albertaarb - August 15, 2016

As a living, breathing organism, a tree on your property will grow over time to take up more space. For most homeowners, this is simply a sign of a healthy tree. However, if you have limited space, or if the tree ends up growing out of control, you’ll want to consider making the tree smaller to accommodate your requirements. When you consult with an arborist, you’ll discover the different ways that your tree may become smaller.

Making Trees Smaller

There are a variety of different methods that arborists utilize to make trees smaller. Pruning is a common, catch-all phrase that describes the work. The details behind pruning are a bit more complex, however, involving different techniques that reduce the size of the tree to fulfill a specific objective.

One type of pruning cut that helps to make your tree noticeably smaller is the reduction cut, which removes a “secondary trunk” in favour of the bigger, parent trunk. Care must be taken when selecting the branch to remove. Cutting a branch that you’re not supposed to remove creates waterspout regrowth instead of a regular branch. This leads to the tree becoming less structurally stable, especially during windstorms and rapid temperature changes.

Pruning Objectives

In addition to reducing the overall size of the tree, you should remember that pruning should also facilitate the achievement of other objectives for your tree. Regardless of the reason that you’re reducing the size of the tree, you should also ensure that the improvement of the structure of the tree is kept in mind, which helps to avoid branches snapping, or worse, the entire tree toppling over.

Other pruning objectives include general maintenance of health and beauty, initiating flowering, improving sightlines and reducing the amount of shade produced by the tree. Whenever possible, you should avoid removing too much live growth. This can damage the tree in the long term, making it more susceptible to drought, weather, wind and pests.

Careful Tree Reduction

If you decide to go it alone and chop off a bunch of branches to reduce the size of your tree, you may end up completely ruining the structural integrity of the tree. Arborists who are experienced with pruning and tree reduction ensure that you reduce the size of branches without compromising the entire structure.

At Alberta Arborists, we have helped countless people get rid of trees safely and efficiently, and we can help you, too. Our highly experienced arborists are trained to deal with any tree removal in any location and can ensure no damage is done to your property.

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