Choosing the Best Spot For a Tree House

By: albertaarb - August 20, 2015


Creating a tree house for your daughter or son is a fantastic gift that parents have been giving their children for ages. A tree house can be the home base for your child's superhero team, a sky pirate ship, an exclusive club or a fortress of solitude, depending on the imagination of the occupants of the tree house.


One of the most important aspects of building a tree house involves selecting the right location to build. Unless you're building a complicated tree mansion, the tree house you build won't be supporting the weight of a complete set of heavy furniture and a player piano. Nonetheless, choosing a good spot to build will make your tree house not only safer but much more enjoyable for you and your family.

Safety Concerns


First of all, the tree that you select as the site of your tree house should be obviously sturdy, from the trunk to the branches that support the floor of the home. Inspect the tree carefully for damage, including fungus, cracks and infestations.


While you might be able to build the tree house without incident, any existing damage to the tree reduces the structural integrity of the entire enterprise, risking the collapse of the tree house and even parts of the tree itself.


Sometimes, the tree shows no obvious signs of damage but is becoming weaker from the inside out. Trees that have been hollowed are bad candidates due to the reduced strength of the tree as a whole. If a tree doesn't appear to be hollow but shows signs of damage, rapping the tree with a plank or a hockey stick may reveal that the tree sounds hollow, and should not be used to host a tree house.

Location, Location, Location


The tree that houses the tree house should not be located in an area of your property that could reduce the privacy of your neighbours home. If the tree house is situated in a place that allows the occupant to peer inside the home of someone else, selecting a different tree is a good idea in order to maintain the peace.


Trees with limbs that approach 90 degree angles, such as oaks, tamaracks and sycamores, provide ideal support to build walls and floors that are relatively level, making the tree house sturdier. A flat level floors also make the tree house more enjoyable.


If unavailable, trees with branches that grow at 45 degree angles are the next best bet, such as walnuts, maples, oaks and hickory trees.


Building a tree house is one of the finest gifts you can give your family, but if you're unsure about the sturdiness of the tree that you wish to build on, it's best to consult an arborists to confirm the robust health of the tree.

Need to Know More?

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