Cost of Tree Removal in Calgary

By: albertaarb - June 6, 2017

Tree Removal: Signs and Causes & Cost in Calgary


When Trees Become a Problem: Tree Removal

Removing a tree may be an essential preemptive strike against diseased trees falling over during a storm.  Overgrown trees damage property, infiltrate sewer systems, and buckle sidewalks and driveways due to overgrown roots. 

Warning Signs and Causes: When A Tree May Require Removal

Sometimes an overgrown tree simply needs a good pruning.  Other times, it should be removed.  Here are some warning signs:

  • Tree branches growing close to or touching electrical or power lines;
  • Tree leaning to one side;
  • Evidence of rot in the tree;
  • Tree trunk showing damage, including wounds and vertical cracks;
  • Evidence of fungus, such as mushrooms or other fungi, on the base of the tree; or
  • Hollow trees.

When a tree leans to one side, this indicates a weakening root system.  Rot and trunk damage can indicate internal decay, which also compromises the integrity of the tree.  Fungus often indicates tree disease.  Hollow trees, like rotting trees, lack structural integrity.

Even a healthy tree may require removal, where the branches are near a power line or electrical line or the roots are impacting underground systems.  This can pose a serious threat to both people and property. 

The Impact of Tree Removal

Tree removal commonly occurs in recognition of health and safety hazards.  However, tree removal can also remove an eyesore, or enhance a view.  Of course, removing trees causing structural damage to pipes and walkways immediately reduces future damage to these systems. 

The Cost of Tree Removal in Calgary

As with many things, the cost of tree removal in Calgary is dependent on many circumstances.  These include:

  • The size of the tree, both height and girth;
  • Tree proximity to buildings;
  • The presence or absence of electrical wires;
  • Access to the tree;
  • The type of equipment required; and
  • Other factors.

In general, the cost of tree removal in Calgary for a small tree is between $150.00 – 250.00.  Prices increase taking into consideration tree size, obstacles to removal and arborist safety.

Prescriptions: Determining if Your Tree Requires Removal

Sometimes, a property owner is confident they want a tree removed.  Other times, pruning may seem the better choice.  A certified arborist provides homeowners with information and options about how to proceed with an overgrown or diseased tree.

Next Steps

If you are considering tree removal, or wonder about the best approach for your tree, contact a certified arborist.



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