Does Alberta Need to Worry About Creeping Bellflower?

By: albertaarb - May 4, 2016

creeping bellflower

Creeping bellflower has lovely, bell-shaped purple blossoms. It’s an attractive plant. Why wouldn’t you want it in your garden? As it turns out, creeping bellflower is an aggressive weed, and its presence in gardens is actually quite undesirable. It’s been plaguing Alberta for several years. Read on to learn why such a pretty plant is a problem, and how you can prevent it from taking root in your own yard.

Creeping Bellflower: An Introduction

As pretty as the creeping bellflower is, it goes beyond being a mere nuisance. This plant consumes all the nutrients in the soil, essentially sucking it dry and choking the other vegetation. That means native plants, which belong in Alberta and are beneficial to the province’s ecosystem, don’t stand a chance.

What Can You Do about the Creeping Bellflower?

Prevention and awareness will help keep the creeping bellflower from invading other cities. Up until a few years ago, stores sold creeping bellflower. Preventing the spread of creeping bellflower means not going out of your way to purchase a plant that will destroy the rest of your garden.

Awareness of creeping bellflower’s negative impact will stop this scourge. In 2013, Calgary added creeping bellflower to the city’s noxious weed list. Once a plant is on that list, the homeowner has ten days to get rid of the weed. Otherwise, the city will send contractors to remove it, charging the homeowner $250 for this service.

Another part of awareness is knowing how to dispose of creeping bellflowers once you’ve removed them from your garden. You should never compost them. Instead, put them in a garbage bag and send them to a landfill. If you compost creeping bellflowers, they could return to invade your garden.

Plant the Right Vegetation in Your Garden with Landscaping Specialists

Don’t let creeping bellflower take over your garden. Select plants that will benefit the local ecosystem. Don’t have the time to plant them yourself? Rely on landscaping and plant care experts to get the job done. Alberta Arborists have over two decades of experience helping customers create beautiful, sustainable gardens.

At Alberta Arborists, we have helped countless people get rid of trees safely and efficiently, and we can help you, too. Our highly experienced arborists are trained to remove any tree from any location with no damage to your property.

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