How Healthy Trees Save Your Lawn

By: albertaarb - June 17, 2015

There are numerous benefits to planting trees, such as increasing oxygen in the area, providing shade during the hot summer months, and providing wood and food under certain conditions. Unfortunately, many homeowners prefer to focus on their lawn, ignoring the many benefits of planting trees in favour of grass and flowers, which are seen as lower maintenance. This is a mistake, as with careful planning and research, trees can be a massive benefit to your lawn and house.

Enhances the Aesthetic Value of Your Property

The first, and most obvious, benefits are aesthetic. The right trees add colour and life to your garden, illustrate the strengths of your house and garden, and reduce soil erosion. They could also benefit you financially, by increasing the value of your home. In a study carried out by Indiana’s Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service, a healthy 15 ¾-foot-wide silver maple could add $2,562 to the value of your house. More mature, healthy trees can add even more value. According to a 2010 Forest Service study in Portland, trees added an average of $8,870 to a home’s sale price, and reduced the home’s time on the market by two days. They also remove dirt, smoke and other pollutants from the air, improving air quality for you to enjoy your garden.

Improves the Health of Your Lawn

Trees will also have a direct influence on the health of your lawn. For instance, if you plant deciduous trees, when autumn rolls around their lost leaves will provide nourishment for the soil beneath them. Many soils are prone to lose organic matter, leading to unhealthier grass and plants. The leaves of deciduous trees are a natural way to restore the balance of the soil, and a lot cheaper than buying additional bags of mulch.


The shade cast by the trees will also cut down on heat retention, enhance night-time cool downs and improve water conservation, allowing you to maintain a lush lawn with less work and reduce your water bill. The shade provided will also reduce the risk of your plants getting burned in the hottest depths of summer. They also disperse water vapour through transpiration, supporting local plantlife and further reducing heat.


To reap these benefits, you’ll need to keep a close eye on the health of each tree. Although trees are generally able to get by without much assistance, they may occasionally need pruning, either to remove dead or damaged branches, or for safety reasons if the branches are interfering with power lines.

We Help Your Trees, So You Can Help Your Lawn

At Alberta Arborists we can help you enhance the beauty and aesthetic value of your property. We will determine the right tree and shrub species to match your needs. By selecting the right tree for the right location, we can help you ensure that your plant material will have a better chance in living a long and healthy life. We have specialized equipment which aids us in planting large, nursery calper sized trees in remote locations.

For more information about our tree service please do not hesitate to contact us.

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