How Ice On Tree Branches Can Cost You Thousands

By: albertaarb - January 10, 2017

With a big yawn and stretch, you rip open the blinds and throw up the sash, but you don’t see St. Nick on your lawn. You see ice. Lots of ice, and snow. Lots of snow. Wow! What a day! Perfect weather to hit the slopes or head out for a snowshoe, but wait. Your trees are caked in ice and some of those massive limbs are hanging right over that new Christmas car.

How do you prevent damage to you, your property or other people?  

When it comes to home and property maintenance, it’s essential to think of preventative measures as opposed to a wait and see scenario. Before the dead of winter strikes, please have your trees assessed for dead limbs or potential for falling branches. Should there be an issue, it’s more affordable and safer to have this issue eradicated before winter hits.

Do you remember the huge North American ice storm in 2013 that caused millions of dollars of damage? Well that huge per day price tag, at the municipal level, could have been positively  affected with consistent arborist maintenance, and this same consistent maintenance can save a homeowner a great deal of personal money but also save a great deal on their insurance premiums. In fact, some insurance carriers are now seeing the benefit for preventative home care maintenance and are in fact offering rewards for those who partake in such a task.

Why is ice so expensive when it’s only water?

Well, frozen water is quite heavy, and for dead branches, or cavernous tree limbs, this extra weight can cause damage and depending where a tree is located, you can be held personally and financially responsible for fallen tree limbs. Consider the lack of control you have over where a tree or tree limb may fall. If a your own tree limb should land on your property then it is your job to clear the debris or cover damage. If this same branch should fall on someone else’s property then you are again responsible for the clean up or damage caused on someone else’s property.

When should I have an arborist help with winter maintenance?

Many companies offer free, no obligation arborist quotes which is a great chance to understand your property while offering insight into your tree’s projected winter longevity. If you see a tree that worries you, trust your gut and call a professional to prevent future damage. You know your home best, so continuous maintenance will save you money and save the community from death by tree branch. Happy winter everyone!

At Alberta Arborists, we have helped countless people get rid of trees safely and efficiently, and we can help you, too. Our highly experienced arborists are trained to deal with any tree removal in any location and can ensure no damage is done to your property.


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