How To Protect Your Endangered Ash Tree

By: albertaarb - October 27, 2016

The emerald ash borer is an insect that has carved a swath of dead trees across once fertile forests. In fact, the latest infestation has already devastated a variety of ash trees across North America, just like the pine beetle has destroyed pines all across the continent. Learning more about this emerald pest will help to make sure that your ash tree doesn’t suffer the same fate as millions around Canada and the United States.

Repeat Tree Extinction

Similar to the great chestnut die-off during the early 20th century, when a blight affected the eastern portion of North America, the ash tree is now threatened with near-extinction because they’re the favourite destination for an invasive species. Emerald Ash Borers are an insect native to the Asian continent and transported across the ocean through trade.

These insects have rapidly spread throughout the eastern United States and Canada, making use of all ash trees on the way as a reproductive habitat. This type of beetle reproduces in the same manner as the pine beetle, laying eggs under the surface of the bark. The result is the destruction of the ash tree, which can quickly disintegrate under the stress.

In Canada, the emerald ash borer was detected during the summer of 2002. Since then, millions of trees have been destroyed, and the Canadian government has attempted to take steps to protect the ash tree which remain.

Protecting Your Ash Tree

One of the more recent attempts at preventing the continued spread of this pest has been to inject insecticides into ash trees, preventing the emerald beetle from taking root in the bark. Whenever an ash tree has suffered some sort of injury, the smell of the wood and bark end up attracting the pest, which detects potential ash habitats mostly through scent.

Monitoring the health of your ash tree may help to prevent infestation, which is all but guaranteed to kill.

Prevent Ash Infestations

The best way to protect your tree from pests is to prevent the pest from settling in. Expert arborists know how to prevent all the most serious threats to the endangered ash species.

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