How To Reuse Tree Stumps and Make Your Yard Pretty

By: albertaarb - November 17, 2014

Tree removal can be a great way to update the look of your landscape. Be it to increase sun exposure or to remove a hazard on your property, tree removal in Edmonton can be done quickly and affordably, leaving nothing but a stump and a lot of potential.

While you might be tempted to grind the whole stump down during the tree removal process, it could be used for something much more breath-taking: a self-nourishing planter or flower pot.

Why Not Use Your Tree Stump as a Planter?

Tree stumps are very high in nitrogen, a nutrient vital to plant growth. By using your old tree stump as a planter, you can provide a natural, slow-release source of nitrogen to keep flowers and other perennials growing for many years to come. Eventually, the stump will decompose leaving nothing but nutrient-rich soil behind. 

Preparing Your Tree Stump

To make your tree stump planter, prepare the stump by chiseling a hole in its center. Carefully chip your way outward using a mattock, leaving at least three inches around the diameter of the piece. The final hole should be at least four to eight inches 

Next, drill a few drain holes near the base of the stump to ward against root rot. Add a layer of free-draining material such as crushed stone, then fill the rest of the way with a mixture of 30 percent compost and 70 percent soil. Finally, add your favorite perennials then water thoroughly.

Choosing Plants for Your Tree Stump Planter 

For the best presentation of your tree stump planter, choose your greenery carefully. Start by deciding how prominent you want your planter to appear. Do you want to proudly display the stump by using small, simple plants? Or would you rather it appear more natural by getting lost in foliage and other surrounding accessories? 

Furthermore, you will need to decide how many plants you wish to display and pair them accordingly. For example, while some plants thrive in a container community, others (like mint) are too invasive and will need their own space. If you will plant multiple varieties, be sure they are compatible, requiring similar light and nutrition regimens. 

If your stump is in a shady location, you could even turn the outer layer of the stump into a mushroom farm. Just drill a few holes a few inches in and insert store-bought mushroom plugs into the holes. Though it may take a few years for them to grow, once they do, you'll have a bountiful harvest of homegrown shiitake mushrooms. 

After committing to tree removal on your property, the question becomes what to do with that eyesore of a stump. Though some options to remove a tree stump (such as grinding it away or dissolving it with chemicals) will have near-immediate results, the stump itself may be better suited as a lawn ornament -- at least for a few years.

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