How To Trim a Maple Tree

By: albertaarb - April 22, 2013

The steps for how to trim a maple tree are complex and often require the expertise of a professional. These majestic trees sometimes come in a wide variety with differing attributes. To keep them looking healthy and lively it is a necessary evil to keep them trimmed and pruned regularly.

What Equipment is used to Trim a Maple Tree?

  • Saw designed for pruning
  • Lopping shears
  • Protective glasses for your eyes
  • A wheel barrow for toting limbs
  • Colored tape for marking limbs
  • Ladder

Your First Step for How to Trim a Maple Tree

Maple tree trimming is a requirement in the later months of fall or at the beginning of winter. At this time, you determine which areas possess disease or damage. By conducting this assessment you establish which sections hinder proper growth on the tree itself. Use your colored tape to mark each area requiring pruning or trimming.

You should start marking your tree branches at least six feet from the ground. By starting at this height you force the branches to spread downward and allow room for new growth. This strategy also helps you to maintain healthy maple trees by removing more of the damaged or diseased section at a higher area.

How to Begin Trimming

Begin this process at about six feet up to the tree and work your way downward. You should steady your ladder or have an assistant hold it while you climb up. Ensure that you begin trimming your maple tree at the end to the branch where it connects to the tree with your saw. If the branches are little, you could use the lopping shears to cut them off. Start with larger sections first before you begin cutting the small areas. Cut only the diseased or damaged sections and allow the healthy budding areas alone.

Trim off any branches that are too close to one another to prevent an abnormal growth. These sections will run into each other as your tree grows and creates sections that are harder to prune later. Always start from the middle of the branches and work your way outward. You may also utilize decorative designs to trim or prune your branches into shapes or characters.

Trimming a maple tree can be tiresome and time consuming especially if you don’t know how to trim a maple tree. That is where we at Alberta Arborists come in handy. Our experienced specialists will prune your maple tree, as well as offer a wealth of other tree services that you might be seeking. Call us at 780-448-0584 for removal services or more details.

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