How to Deal With Storm Damaged Trees

By: albertaarb - January 6, 2014

It is always best to consult tree care experts before doing anything about storm damaged trees. As we all know, powerful storms can spawn tornadoes and winds so strong they can uproot or topple trees, but there are times when trees can be salvaged if the right treatment is applied. 

How to Deal With Storm Damaged Trees 

It can be overwhelming for homeowners finding a yard filled with damaged trees in the aftermath of heavy rains and high winds. This is often followed by thoughts of what to do. The best answer to that question is to call an arborist to take a look at storm damaged trees around the home. 

The Michigan State University Extension office recommends that homeowners keep a few things in mind when dealing with trees damaged by severe storms. 

Downed trees can take power lines with them, so when you notice trees or limbs scattered around the yard, assess the situation and stay a minimum of 25 feet away if you see any power lines down as well. If so, contact authorities and allow them time to remove the hazard before proceeding to clean up the area.

Never walk directly underneath damaged trees with limbs hanging overhead. Many storm damaged trees have other defects such as rot and decay which makes them particularly dangerous since they can drop at any time.

It is always best to call in a professional arborist when you're not sure of your ability to remove a damaged tree or limb safely. 

In times when widespread damage has occurred, door-knockers tour neighborhoods offering their services. While it may seem a good idea to allow the first person on the scene to perform clean up duties, it is wise to think twice before doing so. Professional tree service providers are not likely to go door-to-door looking for work. 

It is dangerous business working with storm damaged trees and should not be left to anyone but those who are well equipped and trained to do this in a safe manner. Your best option is to choose a tree service company certified by International Society of Arboriculture and is insured.

Tree Pruning

In addition to being able to efficiently deal with storm damaged trees, certified arborists provide other important services. They prune fruit trees, shrubs and shade trees of all sizes to help them stay looking good and performing as they should. 

Tree Care Advice

Tree care experts also give advice to homeowners about how to care for their trees. Even though tree removal may be the last thing they want to do, they are still there when you need them to help with the damage left behind by the storm.

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