How to Pick the Best Tree to Plant in Your New Yard

By: albertaarb - January 27, 2016

What’s the Best Tree to Plant In My New Yard?

When you move into a new home or you renovate the backyard of your current domicile, any open space that you’ve created can be filled with the addition of the perfect tree to complement the space.

Considering the sheer number of species and types of trees available, the most difficult part of this endeavor has to do with choosing the right type of tree for your backyard.

Trees For Small Yards

When selecting a tree to plant in your yard, the space that you have is the limiting factor. Typically, the tree should spread out over four or five meters of area at most, less if you have a tiny yard. The recommended height of the tree maxes out around 20 meters in height, although you may not wish to plant a tall tree if your neighbourhood has issues with maintaining a uniform skyline.

Essentially, for small yards, trees like junipers, crabapples, cherries, poplars and slow-growing oaks tend to be best, as they provide shelter and foliage without spilling over into your neighbour’s yard.

Trees For Big Yards

If you plan to plant a tree in a large yard, you have a lot more flexibility in terms of the size and number of trees you wish to install. Instead of worrying about space, you should consider the conditions under which the tree will live.

If you live in an urban centre, picking a tree sensitive to pollution, such as the red maple tree, will result in the tree withering away, providing less shade and value for your property. Instead, a species such as the bur oak, which is more resistant to pollution than most oaks, will fare much better.

If you wish to reduce the amount of weeds and unwanted plants in the yard, a black walnut tree is a gorgeous way to protect your lawn while beautifying and providing shade for you and your family.

The Perfect Tree Adds Value to Your Property

It’s estimated that a large, healthy tree can add up to $1,500 to your total property value. In addition to monetary value, a great shade tree makes your new yard more beautiful and comfortable to enjoy.

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