How to Plant a Tree: A Step-by-Step Guide

By: albertaarb - October 7, 2017

How to Plant a Tree: A Step-by-Step Guide

Planting a tree can be a fun activity. Learning how to plant a tree properly is important if you want to encourage steady growth. This doesn’t just mean proper positioning; you should also be weary of which trees thrive in your area’s climate. Many people finding planting a tree difficult to do themselves.Before you begin, make sure you understand how big the tree will get. You don’t want to have to worry about tree removal or replanting later on. Make sure the tree is placed in an open area where it has room to grow.

Why is planting a tree difficult and what can happen if it’s not done right?

The biggest problem with planting trees is the time it takes to dig holes and position them properly. If you plant trees too close together, they may grow incorrectly or start to lack nutrients. Hiring a professional landscaper to help you determine the best positions and planting methods is highly recommended.



How to plant a tree

Workers planting a tree


To start planting your tree, you need to dig a hole. The size of the hole is going to vary depending on the species. A general rule of thumb is to dig a hole two to three times the size of the container the tree arrived in. Hole sizes can really affect how your tree grows.

Next, gently place the tree straight up. Hold the tree in place in the center of the hole. Then, fill the hole with nutrient-rich soil. Do not add fertilizer, as this can harm young trees. You can, however, keep weeds from stealing nutrients by using a fabric plant sheet and woodchips.

Gently pat the dirt around the tree and ensure all roots are covered. This can help encourage healthy growth.

Planting the tree into the ground

The cost of planting a tree can vary depending on species and age. Large trees, for example, are more expensive than tiny saplings. Rare tree species and flowering trees can also be costly. If you are planning on doing the work yourself, you will need a few hours to dig a deep enough hole. If you don’t plant the tree correctly and it dies, you’ll lose your investment both in time and money.

Rather than spend hours planning and doing manual labor, most people choose to work with a landscaping company. Landscapers don’t just help with tree planting, they help you design the perfect space.

Next Steps

Tree planting guidelines and steps can be very confusing. Contact a local company to ensure the best results when planting trees.

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