How to Safety Cut and Remove Trees (Step-by-Step)

By: albertaarb - June 13, 2017

How to Safety Cut and Remove Trees (Step-by-Step)

Cutting a tree with a pick and anvil

Tree cutting and tree removal are dangerous and difficult jobs. It is something that must be carefully thought through.

Things to Consider Before Cutting Down Your Tree

There are many reasons why cutting down your tree yourself is dangerous and difficult. A few items to carefully consider include:

  • How tall is the tree? Are there loose branches?
  • Is there any item (power line, structure, fence, etc.) that is in the area where the tree will fall?
  • Do you have the proper equipment and know how to use it?
  • Do you know how to create a notch?
  • Do you have help?

If you cannot answer these questions with exactness, or have additional questions or concerns, it is wise to hire professionals who have experience, training, and the right equipment to safely cut and remove trees.

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 Professional safely pushing a cut tree over

Step-by-Step Guide to Tree Cutting

1. Create a plan

The planning stage is critical in the tree cutting process.  You first need to determine the size of the tree and its felling zone. The felling zone is the area where the tree will fall to the ground. You should always make sure this area is much longer and wider than expected. You need to be certain you know where the tree is going to fall and ensure the felling zone is free from any structures, power lines, fences, people, animals, etc.

2. Purchase the Right Equipment

Not only do you need proper equipment such as a chainsaw, axe and a felling wedge, you must also have proper safety protection for yourself and any nearby individuals. You will want long sleeves and pants, a helmet and face covering – especially safety goggles

3. Cut the Notch

The notch is critical and you need to accurately cut it. Once you have determined its proper location, cut on the fall side of the tree.

4. Create Your Felling Cut

Begin cutting your felling cut. This cut does not go through the entire tree and as soon as the tree begins to lean and show movement, quickly walk away from the tree.

Tree felling cut with chainsaw

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5. Cut the Tree into Smaller Sections for Removal

Once the tree has fallen, you can cut off remaining branches and separate the trunk into smaller sections for removal.

Next steps for cutting down your tree

The tree cutting and tree removal process should not be taken lightly. Remember, if questions arise, always consult a tree cutting professional.  

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