How to Trim a Pine Tree After Winter

By: albertaarb - June 19, 2013

Although an evergreen tree will continue to grow and create new needles throughout winter, it may be necessary to keep new growth back, so trimming a pine tree after winter will help your property look nice and prevent interference with houses or electrical lines.  Though they require less pruning than the deciduous trees that bud in spring and shed their leaves in the fall, they will eventually come in contact with something that you wish they hadn't.

How to Use Anatomy to Trim a Pine Tree Better

Pine trees are conifers, meaning that they have needle leaves and seed-bearing cones instead of the broad and flat leaves with seed pods of deciduous trees.  These trees require the same amount of light and water, but can better withstand the cold and grow better in higher altitudes.  You will often have to prune the leaders of a branch, the small fingers that stick out of the stem.  Prune back all non-vertical leaders, since they will eventually sprout out into longer branches that can crash through a window or hit an electric wire.  Since these evergreen trees will have very wide angles for attachment to the main trunk, you may have to do a bit of pruning to get all the errant branches.

What You Need to Prune a Pine Tree

While you need to eliminate any branches that are going to get in the way of your property, you also have to prune back any branches on an evergreen tree that have died or become diseased.  If these branches are not removed, they will fall off and hit anything (such as a car or garage or even a person) that happens to be below.  If it is diseased, it can spread to the entire tree and kill it.  It is very easy to tell when the branch is dead, because the needles either turn yellow and die or fall off altogether.  In the event of a disease, you can see the bark ripples or puckers.

Make the Cut

Make a thin cut into the healthy wood.  It is necessary to cut into the healthy wood, since if you only cut off at dead branches you run the risk of infecting the nearby limbs.  You want to cut where the branch attaches to the trunk and cut out below the diseased area of a branch that has an infection.  In order to ensure that the cut does not harm a tree, clean a saw or chainsaw with rubbing alcohol.  Do not use bleach, since this will corrode the metal.

If the pine trees on your property are posing a threat to your home, we at Alberta Arborists can trim the pine tree on your behalf. We have been in the tree care business for more than 20 years, hence, you can rest assured that your pine tree will be in good hands.

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