It's Never Too Early to Think About Tulips

By: albertaarb - December 14, 2016

Do you love tulips?

Do visions of tulips dance in your head? The stunning colours, beautiful smells, and endless combinations that excite and ignite a true spring flurry and fervour for the coming season until you look outside and it’s still winter… Drab, dreary winter with no respite in sight and your heart limps like the last petaled tulip of the season.

What to do? Why, dream of course! Fill your dreams with spring showers, dazzling sunbeams and tulips! This lovely perennial works in any setting and can brighten any table so with their versatile nature right at your fingertips. It’s never too early to think about tulips, especially if you treat tulips as an annual.

As we all know, tulips thrive in climates with cold winters and dry hot summers, so as we suffer through yet another dreary winter day, take solace: tulips that thrive in our great Canadian climate.


When is the best time to plant tulips?


Hopefully, you followed the almanac and planted your tulips before the first frost and ensured they didn’t sit out in open air before plunging the bulbs directly into the nutrients of the earth. A good solid chill bodes well for our colourful friend, the tulip, because all the nutrients these little bulbs require live right inside the bulb itself which creates a great chance at surviving those cold winters.


Are your tulips annuals or perennials?


By nature, tulips are perennials but many people treat them as an annual because they are an affordable bulb that can create a true carpet of colour in your outdoor space. If you are growing tulips as an annual, don’t forget to pull them and compost them at the end of every season, so that you can make room to plant more tulips.


Fun facts about tulips


The tulip has a perfectly symmetrical bulb that boasts over 3,000 varieties in more than 150 species. These bulbs are gifted annually to Canada by the Dutch and we celebrate this gift with tulip festivals across the nation but of course the most notable tulip celebration occurs in Ottawa during the Spring. But, now as we stare out at our barren gardens, we can see where we planted the bulbs and we can dream of what that tulip bed will soon become because it’s never too early to talk tulips.


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