Maple Tree Pruning Made Easier

By: albertaarb - July 8, 2013

Many may feel that maple tree pruning is a task for an expert arborist. In general the Maple is a tree that requires little maintenance but Maples should be pruned on a regular basis. The magnificent Maples have glorious foliage and incredibly sweet sap. The trees should be pruned during the middle of the summer months but no pruning should be carried out until all of the fresh growth has aged. Prune the trees too early and the sugary sap may well make the pruning difficult. If the trees are pruned annually then they will remain shapely.

Tools and Equipment Needed For Maple Tree Pruning

•    A pair of sharp pruning shears
•    Pruning Saw
•    Loppers

How to Prune a Maple Tree?

Inspect the tree from all angles. Look closely at the tree branches and identify any limbs that are weak, dying or dead. Use your pruning saw to remove the weak, dying and dead limbs. It is essential to remove these branches so that you can determine which live limbs need to be pruned. Maple trees are pruned for a number of reasons. In the first instance the tree should be trained to grow in the right direction. Naturally you want the Maples to look smart and eye-catching and once the tree is pruned it will be revitalized.

Decide which larger branches are going to be sawn off. The incision into the branch should be approximately twelve inches from the trunk. Place the pruning saw on the top of the branch and saw half way down into the limb. Put the saw under the limb and saw upwards to meet the first cut. When the branch has been sawn through place it to one side. Use your pruning saw to create a clean cut edge on the remainder of the stump. Carry on in the same way and remove all of the larger limbs.

The large limbs have been dealt with, now the smaller branches can be thinned out. Use your loppers and pruning shears to thin the smaller branches on the tree. It is wise to make your cuts near to a bud. Hold the pruning shears at an angle before you trim. Pruning at an angle helps the tree to recover more quickly. Try to make the tree shapely and aim to cut away smaller twigs to let a lot more light into the center of the tree.

Maple tree pruning is not a job that everyone enjoys doing. If you have one of these colorful trees in your grounds then you may like some advice. We at Alberta Arborists offer affordable tree care services. If you ever need maple tree pruning tips, contact us and our qualified arborists will prune the tree for you.

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