Picking the Right Evergreen to be your Christmas Tree

By: albertaarb - December 16, 2015

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There are plenty of variables to consider when choosing a Christmas tree, ranging from height and shape to the colour and smell of the evergreen needles. Picking the best Christmas tree for your household ensures that the evergreen brings Christmas joy to your household throughout the season.

Check the Freshness of the Tree

Trees that have been cut recently are far better candidates for Christmas trees than those that have been out of the ground for a while. For the most part, the freshness and longevity of the tree depend mostly on the amount of moisture that the wood is able to retain.

As you’re checking out different trees, pay attention to the ground surrounding the evergreen. If you notice needles spread across the ground, avoid purchasing the tree. When you find a tree that you like, brush your hand from the trunk to the edge of the branch to see if needles slough off.

Anytime you notice needles falling off an evergreen, it means that the tree has lost a lot of moisture, which reduces the freshness of your Christmas decoration.

Choosing a Species

In North America, there are a few popular species of Christmas tree and several types that make great Christmas decorations but aren’t readily available due to a variety of factors. The most popular trees tend to be Scotch pine and Douglas fir, with white pine and balsam fir being less popular options.

The Douglas fir tends to be one of the most popular options for Christmas trees in the Northwestern portion of North America. This type of tree is relatively lightweight, which makes it easy to transport compared to trees that are naturally heavier. The needles of the Douglas fir emit a pleasant scent when crushed. Even better, the needles of the Douglas fir are soft while the branches tend to be strong and rigid.

A tree similar to the Douglas fir that resides in the northeastern portion of North America is the Balsam fir, which also contains a lovely scent. Douglas firs have a pyramid shape, dark green needles and branches that are of similar strength compared to the Douglas fir.

IF you don’t have a lot of extra time to spend maintaining the tree, try to avoid a fragile species that requires a lot of attention. For example, Leyland Cypress trees absorb a large amount of water, require refills several times daily.

‘Blue Ice’ cypress evergreens have a light bluish hue and smell of citrus. However, the branches are incapable of handling anything more than light tinsel and a few small ornaments, bending under the stress of heavier decorations.

Don't Neglect Your Trees This Christmas Season

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