Revitalizing Care For Drought Sticken Trees And Shrubs

By: Craig Jabs - April 23, 2010

During two of the past three years, the Prairies have experienced some of the driest conditions in over one hundred years.  Many horticultural professionals are seriously worried about the current drought and its effects on trees and shrubs.  Dry soil conditions can adversely effect the health and life span of your valuable trees. Replacing trees and shrubs can be both difficult and expensive, therefore extra care and attention is needed during a period of drought.

Drought and dry soil conditions may result in the damage and even death of your trees and shrubs.  Drought will manifest itself differently in different plants.  Symptoms like wilted foliage, undersized leaves, premature leaf drop, leaf yellowing, and stunted growth become noticeable.  Drought stressed trees and shrubs are more susceptible to disease, insect infestations and other environmental stresses. Older trees and shrubs that normally have reserves to carry them through tough times are starting to run on empty. With long range forecasts calling for drier than normal conditions, the future does not look hopeful.

The drought solution for your trees and shrubs is watering, fertilization, mulching, monitoring for insects and disease, and proper pruning.

1. Water A.S.A.P. ! Remember it is cheaper to water your trees and shrubs then it is to replace them. Fewer, deep root waterings are better than more frequent, shallow watering. Water at least once a week during drought conditions and once every 3 weeks during regular conditions.

2. Fertilization - Book now! The use of our professional, deep-root, slow release fertilizer will enhance new root development. Alberta Arborists only uses top quality, low salt index fertilizers which will prevent root burn. Our soil injection of fertilizer and water is applied by pressurized injection into the root zones of your trees and shrubs. This method of application relieves soil compaction by aerating the soil, allowing for better root growth and the absorption of water, nutrients and oxygen. It will help reduce the severity of drought injury and allow your trees and shrubs to recover more rapidly. Since replacing trees and shrubs can be both difficult and expensive, the use of our complete professional fertilizer is an inexpensive and effective approach to maintaining the health of your trees and shrubs during this period of drought. It is better to deep root fertilize in the early spring to give your trees and shrubs maximum benefit. Now is the time to book for early application.

3. Mulching - Mulching the area around your trees and shrubs with bark mulch will lower soil temperatures and decrease the loss of moisture due to evaporation.
4. Monitoring For Insects And Disease - The proper identification of insects and disease is essential for effective control. Alberta Arborists only promotes proper plant health care. We do not endorse the use of pesticides unless they are absolutely needed.

5. Proper Pruning - The removal of dead and dying branches is critical. Dead and dying branches attract wood boring insects which can cause major damage to the health of your trees and shrubs.

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