Should You Water Your Evergreens in the Winter

By: albertaarb - January 20, 2016

Keep Your Evergreen Beautiful All Winter

The gorgeous evergreen is a hearty tree that able to survive winter better than most trees, partially because they have needles that absorb the sun’s energy instead of leaves, which inevitably return to the earth in Autumn. Despite the fact that evergreens appear strong all year long, they will thrive best if you take the time to care for your evergreen.

Evergreens Stay Thirsty All Winter

Evergreens provide a splash of colour in a drab winter landscape, picking up the slack where other plants have long given up the green. Due to their ability to appear fresh and healthy all year around, evergreens rarely seem to require any help at all. However, you shouldn’t be fooled into believing that the tree doesn’t require any assistance on your part at all.

As temperatures drop, evergreens have a more difficult time drawing water from the earth through its roots. In fact, similar to deciduous trees and their leaves, evergreens shed their needles on a seasonal basis. Winter creates difficulty with transpiration, which is the process that trees use to transport water throughout the trunk and branches. When this happens, it’s a good idea to water your evergreen during specific conditions.

When To Water Your Evergreen

Evergreen needles that turn brown and yellow before falling to the ground can be a major cause of concern for homeowners. Nonetheless, falling needles aren’t a signal to water the evergreen. Instead, you should keep an eye out for warming temperatures and the thawing of the ground. The best time to water your evergreen is in-between frozen spells, when the ground is porous enough to absorb the water you give your tree.

Usually, frozen snow melts into the ground when it becomes warm enough for transpiration to take place. Sometimes, the evergreen won’t have enough moisture to pull up from the earth, which is why it’s a good idea to water when the soil softens.

Keep Your Evergreen Green Forever

Evergreen trees maintain their beauty all year round, providing colour to your winter landscape. Even though they appear to require nearly zero maintenance, evergreens should be watered during winter whenever the ground thaws enough to absorb the water.

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