Should You let Your Kids Climb Trees?

By: albertaarb - July 22, 2015

Childhood is a time of skinned knees, banged heads and muddy shorts. Unfortunately, many parents today are, understandably, concerned for their child’s safety and tend to limit their outdoor activities.

Should you let your kids climb trees? Yes, you should.

It’s healthy

Over the past 20 years, many studies have shown that the more time spend in nature reduces cortisol levels, resilience, lowers blood pressure, and supports cognitive function. As Shelly with Awake Parent  says: “climbing trees is a great way to help kids engage in an outside activity that is fun and challenging. By encouraging this type of outdoor play and discovery, you’re putting your child into an environment that she has evolved to enjoy and appreciate.”

It builds emotional strength

A recent study has condemned “cotton wool kids,” who are so sheltered by over-protective parents that they rarely, if ever, venture outside. Enver Solomon, member of the National Children’s Bureau and one of the study managers, said:

“Starting from the very early days of infant hood, children both want and need to push their boundaries in order to learn about themselves and the world around them… Children would never learn to walk, climb stairs or ride a bike unless they were strongly motivated to respond to challenges. It is the critical life skills learnt through play that help children cope with the risks and challenges that they will face throughout life.”

By letting kids explore and push their boundaries, you allow them to learn on their own terms.

It’s educational

By letting children climb, they learn vital lessons, like assessing risks, planning and dexterity. They get to decide how high they want to climb, and figure out how to get back down. They learn their limitations and how to surpass them. AngieSix with the riskykids states:

“A successful climb builds confidence, gives them a sense of freedom, and helps them appreciate nature. An unsuccessful climb has the most valuable lesson a child can learn: how to pick themselves up and get right back at it again.”

This kind of lesson is best learned through experiencing them, they cannot be taught in a classroom or from the television.

So, should you let your kids climb trees? Do you want your kids to learn confidence, self-reliance and sheer doggedness? Do you want them to be curious about the world and not afraid to explore it? Then let them climb trees.

Are Your Trees Safe Enough for Kids to Climb?

If you have trees in your backyard and you want your kids to climb them, you should make sure that your trees are safe. They shouldn't have weak or dying branches. But how can you tell if your trees are safe? Well, you can hire trained arborists to come and examine your trees. That is where we at Alberta Arborists come in handy. Our highly experienced arborists are trained to identify unsafe trees and recommend the best course of action. Should it require removal, our arborists are trained to deal with any tree removal and avoid damages to your property or your kids.

Contact us today if you have more questions about tree removal or the overall health of your trees. 

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