Stump Grinding vs Chemical Stump Removal

By: albertaarb - April 13, 2013

Hand digging, mechanical stump grinding, chemical removal, and burning are the main ways homeowners can use to remove tree stumps from their property. Stump removal becomes necessary after felling a tree in one's compound because if left intact, the root system may begin sprouting new shoots, or develop fungal rot. What's more, an old tree stump is normally an eyesore and a potential safety hazard especially if you have kids. Therefore, you should eliminate all tree stumps from your yard. According to many arborists, you should go for the most effective and environmentally friendly stump removal option available.

The Various Tree Stump Removal Options

Hand removal is efficient for small and medium-sized tree stumps although it is grueling work. Burning away tree stumps is economical and somewhat efficient, but requires vigilant monitoring and adherence to local fire bylaws. Chemical stump removal, on the hand, is generally efficient, but takes a long time to undertake.

Stump removal chemicals may also affect soil composition around the stump preventing you from cultivating other plants in the vicinity. Finally, mechanical stump grinding entails the use of machinery to detach tree stumps. It is a fast, cost effective, and environmentally friendly way of removing old tree stumps from your yard. Some of the benefits of using mechanical tree grinders over chemical removers include the following:

Benefits of Mechanical Tree Stump Grinding

  • Fast Turnaround: A stump grinder makes quick work of old stumps using sharp carbide teeth. These machines come in different sizes depending on stump circumference and depth. The spinning cutter head can grind through stumps embedded between six and 12 inches on the ground. Mechanical grinders offer the fastest means of eliminating tree stumps.
  • Eco-friendly: Manual and mechanical stump removal processes are both eco-friendly ways to get rid of tree stumps. Moreover, the grinding process produces sawdust that you can use for mulching purposes. You can fill up the remaining crater with soil or compost to replenish its fertility.
  • Readily Available: You can hire a tree stump grinder from your local garden store or homecare center. However, operating the cutter is normally dicey work. As such, it is safer to hire a professional arborist to do the job even if you use power tools regularly.

Hiring Stump Grinding Experts

You can hire a local arborist firm to hew your tress as well as uproot the resulting stumps. Many contractors charge for stump removal on a per-inch basis, which is quite reasonable especially if you have several tree stumps that require removal from your property.

Alberta Arborists specializes in tree care services including pruning, shaping, hewing, and stump removal services. Our company has over 22 years of experience in the municipal area of Alberta, providing quality residential and commercial tree care services. If you require mechanical stump grinding, or any other tree services at your home or place of business, feel free to call us today for an estimate of your job. 

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