The Benefits of Hiring Tree Care Experts

By: albertaarb - February 17, 2014

Professionally known as arborists, tree care experts are specialized in looking after individual trees. They have in-depth knowledge of a large variety of trees and understand their specific needs. Choosing to hire such an expert is an investment towards the quality of your trees. If they are fruit bearing, then their yields, which are sure to come, will be your assurance that you made the right choice.
An arborist's knowledge covers:

Benefits of Hiring a Tree Care Expert

When you hire an arborist, you can be sure that they are trained and that their expertise in tree care is certified. This training involves a significant amount of hands-on experience in tree maintenance. 

Expert Pruning Services

Not every tree may be pruned in the same way. An arborist will examine a tree and suggest a way of pruning it that helps improve its health and appearance and ensures that the tree is safe. 
This is done in a few ways:
  • Removing branches that touch
  • Removing branches that interfere with infrastructure
  • Removing weak limbs that may be hazardous
  • Removing sickly branches 
  • Improving the looks of the tree without hampering its growth

Safe tree Removal

Getting rid of a tree is often the last resort. Sometimes, it just cannot be helped. A tree expert will be able to decide whether a tree is dead or is on the verge of dying. A tree may also be removed if it is proving to be a hazard to other plants or is obstructing development of some sort and there is no other resort.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

Sometimes, a sudden storm may lead to the uprooting of a tree. At such times, it is a tree expert who comes to the rescue of the tree and those who may be in danger because of it. His main task at this time will be to deal with the tree in the safest possible manner and ensure that there is no risk to life or limb.

Planting Trees

Planting trees requires expertise, especially if you are relocating a full grown tree. Your tree expert will examine the soil, check the feasibility of the tree being moved and examine the area to ensure that the tree grows in a healthy manner.
There may be occasions when a particular tree variety is growing in the wrong location. The tree expert will be able to determine its survival rate. If it's bleak, then he will be able to make arrangements to move the tree to a better location and ensure that it thrives.

Other Services Offered by Arborists 

Creating a health care schedule for farms and orchards: Preventive care is essential, especially when you have commercial interest in your trees. An arborist will create a schedule to look after each and every one of your trees and give them the individual attention they deserve.
Fertilization services: Every tree requires fertilization. Depending on the kind of tree he is dealing with, an arborist will come up with his unique mixes to ensure your trees grow healthily.
Cables and braces: Large trees sometimes need artificial support, and an expert will be able to determine which parts of a tree need to be held up, and he will be able to create this mesh.
Aeration services: This is to ensure a healthy root system for your trees
Pest control: Pests can be the bane of trees, and an expert knows just how to get rid of them.
Tree care experts can help look after trees in a way that no unqualified person will be able to. If you want the best care for your trees, then you will want to collaborate with these experts.

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