The Benifits Of Mulching

By: Craig Jabs - July 5, 2010

What is mulch? Mulch is organic matter which covers the soil. The organic ground cover in a forest setting (leaf and needle litter, or "duff") decomposes, and naturally provides nutrients for trees and other plant life. In the urban environment, we plant grass over root systems and rake up our leaves in the fall. By doing so we create a difficult environment for trees to grow in. Adding a proper layer of mulch around your trees will help to simulate a natural forest setting by returning nutrients back into the soil, which in turn, helps to replenish the soil.

Aside from aesthetic benefits, mulching improves soil structure by adding organic matter to the soil as it decomposes. In addition, it moderates soil temperatures, helps in water retention, reduces competition from other plants and grass, reduces soil compaction and suppresses weeds. By placing a layer of mulch around your trees, you reduce the chance of lawnmower and weed trimmer damage. These benefits create a natural and healthy environment for your trees roots and help promote proper tree growth and survival.

Wood chips, sterilized bark chips, and composted leaves are the best materials for mulching. Use care and focus on the needs of the tree when applying mulch. Root suffocation can be the result if too much mulch is applied at one time. It is best to keep adding small amounts of mulch over time.

If you need help with removing trees or shrubs that you no longer wish to mulch or attend towards, please give us a call.

A recent U.S. Forest Commission study found that organic mulching is better than nonorganic fertilizers. Manufactured fertilizers can scorch roots and stunt growth if not properly mixed with the soil and in many cases provide no substantial benefit to a tree's health at all. Proper mulching is the key!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your trees and shrubs please do not hesitate to contact us at (780) 448-0584.

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