The Cost of Tree Removal in Edmonton

By: albertaarb - July 5, 2017

The Cost of Tree Removal in Edmonton

Recognizing the Problem of Tree Removal

Tree removal is required for many reasons, some for safety while others are for a homeowner’s personal landscape preferences. Contrary to many people’s belief, removing a tree can be a complex process, depending on the situation.

What Causes the Need for Tree Removal?

Tree removal is often a necessity when a storm causes large branches to break off or entire trees to fall. Dead or decaying trees are often a cause of tree removal. In other cases, homeowners or builders require tree removal to accommodate renovations or building. Tree stumps can also cause problems as they are a trip hazard and should be removed.

The Impact of Damaged Trees

Stumps, fallen trees, and broken branches should not be ignored as they can have several serious consequences. Broken branches can easily detach and fall during a storm and can cause injury to people and damage to nearby structures, vehicles, or electrical wires. These are safety hazards that can have a significant long-term impact.

Another concern when it comes to fallen, decaying, or dead trees is that they attract pests like carpenter ants who are attracted to rotting wood. Carpenter ants can easily migrate into nearby homes and cause serious structural damage as they chew through wood.

Cost of Tree Removal

On average, tree removal costs $500 - $700, but can range from as low as $75 up to $1500 or more. There are several factors that determine the cost of tree removal including:

  • Size – Large trees are more costly to remove than smaller trees. Size factors include the height of the tree and the girth of the trunk.

  • Condition – It’s easier to remove a dead or fallen tree than it is to remove a healthy tree that’s in good condition. Healthy trees are stronger and therefore require more effort to remove.

  • Composition – A tree like an oak tree is made of strong wood and has many long branches. These are more expensive to remove than trees made of softer wood and are mainly composed of a single trunk with sparse branches.

  • Scope – Do you require removal of several fallen branches or an entire tree to be removed? Depending on the scope of work, the cost will vary.

  • Urgency – As with any skilled trade work, whether it’s plumbing, electrical work, or tree removal, the more urgent a job is the more it will cost. Arborists need to shuffle their schedules to accommodate urgent jobs so a rush job comes at a higher cost.

  • Location – Arborists must take more precautions when removing a tree that is adjacent to buildings or electrical wires, which increases the cost.

The Prescription for Tree Removal

To determine the cost and level of difficulty for your tree removal job, you must contact an arborist for a consultation. An experienced professional will assess your situation, will make recommendations for how to safely remove the tree, and will provide you with an estimate for the job based on the specific factors of your case.

Your Next Steps for Tree Removal

If you have tree removal needs, contact an Edmonton area arborist to receive an estimate and more information on your job.





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