The Five Best Tips For Growing Tulips!

By: albertaarb - June 13, 2014

Tulips really add diversity to your garden. You can find tulips of virtually any colour you can think of.

You can treat these lovely flowers as annuals to be planted each year. Or perennials, which last two years before replanting.

These beautiful spring flowers can last well into the summer. They can add beauty to your home when displayed either outside in your garden, or inside in a vase. With these growing tulips tips you will be growing beautiful and healthy tulips in no time!

Keep soil well drained
Tulips hate too much moisture! Make sure the soil is fertile and can drain well. This is one of key growing tulips tips. Help the soil drain by adding sand or shredded pine bark. You should also avoid watering a bed of tulips unless there is a very long dry spell. Moisture is your worst enemy when growing tulips because it can cause the bulbs to rot and encourage fungus to grow.

Plant at the right time
Timing is everything when planting tulips. Plant your tulip bulbs before the hard frost of winter. The soil will become hard and compacted during frost making it very difficult to plant your tulip bulbs. The goal is to keep the tulips under the ground during harsh weather. If you plant too early the tulips will come out during winter and they will wither away with the winter weather. The ideal time for your tulips to blossom is during spring, they will last well into early summer.

Dig deep
Your tulip bulbs need to be planted at least 20 cm deep into the soil, even more if the bulbs are large. Planting your tulips too close to the surface can cause the bulbs to either rot from too much moisture. Or they may come up too early which will wither them away during the winter. Don't forget to dig deeper than the minimum to keep the soil loose. Keeping the soil loose also helps it drain better in order to keep excessive moisture away.

Right side up
A common mistake that beginners make when growing tulips is placing the bulbs upside down! This causes your tulips to grow into the ground, wasting your efforts. When you plant the tulip bulbs the pointy side should face upwards so that the tulips can come up. Be careful when covering the tulip bulbs so that they don't change position with the soil. Make sure to press the soil firmly after covering the tulip bulb, but the soil should be loose enough to drain excess moisture.

Plot your plot
Place the tulip bulbs about 15 cm apart. Make sure to plan ahead and find a plot big enough for your bulbs. Because of the wide variety of colors you can have with tulips you can get creative with your plot! You can plant your tulips in colorful patterns to bring more life to your garden. You should water the tulips right after planting but do not water them after that! The initial watering will get the tulip bulbs to begin growing, but watering them after that can doom your tulips.

Growing beautiful healthy tulips is very rewarding. The bright colors are a delight to have in your home. When cutting your tulips for display, cut the stem diagonally. Stand the tulips in cold water while the top two thirds are wrapped in newspaper for two hours, this will ensure maximum display life! Your cut tulips can then last about a week.

When you plant your tulip bulbs make sure to follow these growing tulips tips to get the best results.

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