The Importance of Dead Tree Branch Removal

By: albertaarb - November 13, 2013

There are many reasons why the removal of dead tree branches should be done. Another term for this that is used mostly by experts is pruning. Tree pruning is most necessary when branches are dead, wounded or suffering from diseases.

Why Should you Remove Dead Tree Branches?

One of the main reasons why you should remove dead tree branches is to maintain your tree's health and overall wellness. Having so many dead branches will facilitate the growth of rot fungi and thereby allowing diseases to spread from the dead branches to the rest of the tree.

Another reason why you need to remove dead tree branches is to make sure that your tree will maintain its natural form as it grows. The presence of erratic and vigorous branches alters the natural growing habits of a tree and you would not want to have a misshapen tree in your beautifully landscaped backyard. Low hanging dead tree branches can be hazardous to anyone who might walk into its path. As such, it would be advisable to get rid of dead tree branches as soon as possible.

If you decide to personally remove the dead tree branches, make sure that you do it safely and correctly. Doing it the wrong way might lead to other tree problems such as cankers, sun scalds, frost cracks as well as insect borers among others.

What are Some of The Best Dead Tree Branch Removal Practices?

According to Home Guides, the best place to remove dead branches is on the branch next to its collar. This is the raised area of wood found on the trunk at the base of each branch. If you see that the dead tree branch measures less than one inch in diameter, you will need to cut it at a 45 degree angle. For larger branches you will need to do a series of three different cuts. The first one is to be done on the underside of the branch. The second one should be made just one inch away from the first one but make sure it is of a similar depth. After this the branch will start to break off from its own weight and this is when you make another clean cut in the collar to remove the rest of the branch.

Dead tree branch removal can be a tedious if not dangerous task. As such, it would wise leave it to tree removal experts. Tree removal experts have the expertise and the equipment required to remove dead tree branches safely. 

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