The Simple Secret to Protect Your Plant from Wind Damage is Using Tree Wrap

By: albertaarb - December 31, 2014

If you are concerned about the health of your plants, shrubs and trees during the harsh winter season, you can be proactive and maintain their integrity with a simple solution.

Utilize a tree wrap and you'll find that your property's greenery emerges from the winter months without suffering significant damage. A tree wrap guards your sensitive shrubs, plants and trees from winter's wind, snow and ice so that you don't have to re-plant your greenery once the spring season rolls around.

While a tree wrap will conceal your plants' beauty, it is a small sacrifice to make considering that you don't spend much time outdoors during the winter months anyway.

Tree Wraps

The most common tree wraps are built out of a strong and durable burlap netting.  You can find them at plenty of local hardware stores. It is important to note that these commercial tree wraps are distinct from wraps designed to guard tree trunks from sun scald.

Your tree wrap will act as a sort of second skin that keeps your plants safe and sound throughout the duration of the winter. To apply it, wrap it around your property's greenery in a binding manner as if they were mummies. This method pulls plant limbs in toward the trunks so that they do not break when ice and snow accumulate on them throughout the winter.

Protective Shelters

If you are especially concerned about wind damage, you can build a small shelter around the plants in addition to the tree warp or in place of it. It will act as a significant protective barrier. This windbreak will not keep snow and ice out but it will prevent whipping winds from harming your fragile greenery. This solution is ideal for those who live in areas that do not receive much snow but experience intense winter winds.

Build a wire cage around your outdoor plants by placing 4 poles into the ground to create a rectangular shape. Connect chicken wire to the poles and stretch it around them. Then connect burlap to the sides to block off your plants from the drying winds. This makeshift wrap / shelter will maintain your plants' moisture and protect their sensitive leaves and needles.

Extra Precautions To Take Before Applying Your Tree Wrap

Before you establish your wrap, you should spray your greenery to prevent them from drying out. This will be especially important if you live in an area that experiences extraordinarily harsh winter winds. Be sure to apply it late in the fall season ahead of the cold winter temperatures.

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