The Top 4 Benefits of an Arborist that New Homeowners Need to Know

By: albertaarb - February 20, 2017

Did you know an arborist can add instant value to your home in just one visit? They can also save you thousands of dollars in expensive repair bills. Here are four ways they do that.

Pre-purchase Inspection

One of the first people you should call when you’re considering buying a new home is an arborist. Most prospective purchasers call a home inspector to make sure there’s nothing structurally wrong with the house. That’s a smart move. It’s also smart to call an arborist who can provide you with similar peace of mind and protection about the yard. The arborist can identify what trees are in your yard as well as which ones could cause future problems. In addition, an arborist can discuss how to add value to the property with plantings and pruning.

Prevent Damage from Falls Before they Happen

Of course, arborists can spot and remove dead branches that could fall and damage your roof, gutters, or worse. But arborists do more than that. They examine healthy trees to ensure their structural integrity and help identify any issues that could become be a problem. Arborists can trim branches to increase a tree’s stability, while reducing wind resistance. This kind of preventative maintenance can save you from the costly damage of a tree or branch falling on your home.

Find and Remove Disease and Infestation

Diseased or infected trees or limbs need to be treated or even removed. Diseases and insect infestations can spread and become a very costly problem for your whole neighbourhood. If your new yard doesn’t look as healthy as it should or you suspect the trees have an issue with insects, call an experienced arborist for an inspection. The arborist can identify diseases as well as any larger issues that could be making the trees susceptible—such as lack of nutrients or insufficient water—and recommend the best course of treatment.

Improve the Look of the Yard

A great looking yard with healthy trees increases the value of your property. If your new yard seems overgrown and messy, consider bringing in a trained arborist. They have the expertise to properly prune and shape the trees to ensure your yard gets good sun exposure. In addition, they can straighten or train young trees for the best possible growth.

Let Us Tell You More about the Benefits of an Arborist

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At Alberta Arborists, we have helped countless people improve the appearance of their yards including the removal of trees safely and efficiently. We can help you, too. Our highly experienced arborists are trained to help your trees be as strong and healthy as possible.


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