The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Arborist for Spring Tree Removal

By: albertaarb - April 9, 2014

Tree removal should always be treated as a last resort, but spring is a popular time to take care of it. 

Winter storms often compromise the structural integrity of trees by breaking branches and limbs. Spring is a natural time to assess the safety of trees on your property. Strong spring storms can also cause your trees to become structural hazards. 

Read on to find out how to determine if you need to do some spring tree removal, and how you can find the right arborist for the job.

1. Assess the hazard

If you think tree removal may be necessary, the first step is to have a professional assess the situation. Don't settle for any qualification other than an International Society of Arboriculture certificate! Because a hazard assessment is crucial, you want a consultant to have the highest possible level of expertise.

2. Consider other options

Your consultation may reveal that the diseased or damaged tree simply requires extra maintenance. Careful pruning by a qualified arborist will be enough to remove the hazard and restore the tree back to health over time. If pruning is not enough, your arborist may choose to add structural supports in the form of cables or braces

3. Get a price estimate

If you and your consultant decide that tree removal is needed, be sure to ask about a price estimate before committing. All reputable tree removal services should provide a price estimate before signing a contract. But not all companies will provide the estimate for free. Luckily, Alberta Arborists provides free estimates for all services, from brush chipping to pruning to tree removal.

4. Find a certified arborist to remove your tree

The I.S.A. certification shows that an arborist knows what he or she is doing. It is an easily verifiable credential through the I.S.A. website at You can also rest easy knowing that all of the professionals at Alberta Arborists are certified by the I.S.A.

Benefits of hiring an I.S.A. certified arborist include: 

-Knowledge that the arborist is educated on topics including site assessment, tree inspection, risk categorization, tree biology and tree mechanics. 

-Assurance that the arborist understands the relevant code of ethics, which ensures that he or she acts in a responsible and professional manner.

-Guarantee that the arborist is competent. All I.S.A certified professionals must enroll in continuing education credits or re-take their exam every five years.

Be sure to properly maintain your remaining trees

This step is often overlooked, but it is the most important step of all. Regularly pruning your trees, adding supports when needed, managing pests and regularly fertilizing are all ways to ensure the continued health of your trees. 

When your trees are healthy and structurally sound, they are far less susceptible to damage in severe weather. Healthy trees are also attractive trees, and attractive trees raise the value of a property.

Trees can be removed for a whole host of reasons, but in the spring, tree removal is often the result of winter storm damage. In the best-case scenario, your damaged trees will just need careful pruning and monitoring. Some trees may require structural support. Only the most damaged trees should be removed. A qualified arborist will provide you with this information when assessing the hazard of a damaged tree.

Before signing a contract, be sure to check the credentials. And if you are in the Edmonton, Alberta area, be sure to call Alberta Arborists for all of your tree maintenance and removal needs.

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