There’s a Downed Tree in my Yard. Should I Remove it?

By: albertaarb - February 13, 2017

The forces of nature have brought down a tree in your yard. Depending on the size of the tree, you could have a big mess on your hands. Your first inclination is probably to get out there and clean it up yourself. But this could be a job for an arborist.


Before you pull out your chainsaw, here are some things to consider when debating whether to remove the tree yourself, or to call a professional arborist.

Assess the Damage

Without disrupting the tree, look at how the fallen tree is situated. If any part of the tree is hanging over or resting on a powerline, do not go near it. Call a professional arborist with the training and the tools to deal with this situation. If the tree is leaning on a shed, fence, or other structure, you may also need the services and specialty tools of an arborist to remove the tree without causing further damage.

Cutting up the Tree

Deal with the limbs or parts of the tree that are on the ground first. Take care to ensure the trunk remains stable. Decide what’s usable firewood and separate that from the unusable brush. Cut the firewood into smaller, more manageable pieces with a chainsaw. If you’re don’t own a chainsaw, or aren’t experienced handling one, it might save you time and money to call in the pros.

Stump Removal

Even small stumps can be difficult to remove. Tree stumps go deep into the ground and the roots are often spread throughout the yard. There are stump grinding tools you can rent, but they’re not easy to operate. Worse, they can tear up your yard. Arborists have specialized stump grinding machines that are turf-friendly and won’t ruin the lawn.

Brush Removal

After cutting up the firewood and removing the stump, you now have a pile of brush to deal with. People used to burn the brush, but most municipalities have restrictions on burning and require permits to do so. The best option is to use a wood chipper to turn the waste into useable wood chips. If you’re renting a chipper, be sure to get one that is heavy-duty enough to handle the size and volume of brush you have.

Letting the Professionals Handle it

Removing a downed tree can be a big investment of time and money, especially if you don’t have the right equipment on hand. Professional arborists can not only remove the fallen tree, but also repair the damage it caused to your yard.


At Alberta Arborists, we have helped countless people get rid of trees safely and efficiently, and we can help you, too. Our highly experienced arborists are trained to deal with any tree removal in any location.



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