Tips for Decorating Your Trees and Shrubs this Christmas

By: albertaarb - December 9, 2015

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Christmas Decorations Add Festive Spirit

Arranging Christmas decorations on your trees and shrubs adds a lovely touch to your holiday festivities. Unfortunately, setting up these Christmas decorations can be a stressful proposition. Consider the following tips to create a beautiful holiday scene without hassle.

Setting Up the Lights

One of the most dazzling decorations that you can add to your Christmas trees and shrubs are lights strung throughout the branches. A variety of colours, blinking lights and even simple animation are available to choose from, giving you many great options when undertaking your Christmas decoration plans.

The lights that you choose should be approved by the Underwriter’s Laboratory, which tests consumer products to ensure that they meet safety specifications that reduce the risk of injury. Check the string of lights to see if there are any ones that are burned out. Broken bulbs sap energy at a greater pace while reducing the luminosity of the rest of the lights on the string.

When attaching lights to the Christmas tree, begin at the apex and move down the tree, stringing the lights through the centre of the tree, twisting the string on an increased number of branches as the tree widens down to the base. For non-evergreens, including trees, bushes and shrubs, start at the bottom and string the lights up to the top, anchoring the string to the trunk.

Arranging Ornaments

Adding ornaments and other decorations increase the visual appeal of your Christmas decorations while adding contrast to the lights that you’ve set up around the home. Choose up to three colours that match the visual theme of your decorations.

When adding these decorations to your Christmas tree or to a bush, don’t forget to distribute some of the ornaments inside the greenery. This gives the appearance that light is emanating from within the tree or bush, giving the impression that it generates light from within, adding to the ambiance of your Christmas decorations.

Alberta Arborists Wish Your Family a Happy Holidays 

The holiday season is a time to get together with family and enjoy the beauty of the Christmas spirit. Setting up gorgeous decorations adds to the overall atmosphere of your family’s holiday season.

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