Top 5 Tree and Shrub Planting Techniques

By: albertaarb - July 16, 2013

You can always tell when professional techniques have been used for planting trees and shrubs. The result is beautiful landscaping throughout the property. Now you would like to add some of this same charm to your own lawns. Choosing and planting the right species can be a challenge, however, learning how to plant trees and shrubs is easy. 

What to Consider Before Planting Trees and Shrubs

First decide what trees or shrubs you would like to plant. Choose an appropriate species, keeping the following points in mind:

  • Trees can become large, so be sure there is sufficient space
  • Shade trees need space for root and crown growth, so avoid planting near structures, drives or overhead power lines
  • Certain varieties require full sun and well-drained sites, whereas others prefer shady or wetter locations, so choose accordingly
  • Choose species that are suitable for the climate

Top 5 Tree and Shrub Planting Techniques

Follow these steps for transplanting a tree to provide optimum conditions:

Transporting the Tree or Shrub

Be careful when moving the plant from the nursery to your home. Foliage, trunks and roots must be protected. Lift from underneath the root ball to protect the root. If you are not able to plant immediately, protect the plant from the sun and wind, and do not let the roots dry out.

Preparing the Planting Hole

The planting hole should not be deeper than the root ball, and be about three times its width. The point where the roots spread should be partly visible when the tree is filled in. Keep the tree straight when backfilling with loam. If the tree is balled, remove any string or wire, and then continue to fill the hole.

Wrapping, Staking and Pruning 

Follow nursery directions for pruning. Wrap the trunk of the tree for protection from insects and rodents. Stake the tree for the first year to stabilize the tree.


Put mulch around the tree to control weeds, to keep the soil moist and its temperature even. Use a two to four inch layer, but pulling back around the tree trunk.


Nurture your new trees by watering at least once a week or when the soil under the mulch is dry.  There are various ways of watering your tree. Contact  Alberta Arborists to learn more about watering trees and shrubs.

Obviously planting trees and shrubs requires time and physical effort. If you do not feel up to it, or you simply prefer to hire a professional to make sure the job is done right, be sure to contact us. Our qualified arborists at Alberta Arborists understand the best techniques to use for choosing and planting shrubs and trees.

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