Top Five Tips for a Greener Healthier Lawn

By: albertaarb - October 7, 2013

Hiring tree experts to clean your shrubs may work for you for a while, but it would not guarantee a beautiful lawn. If you would wish to have admirable lawns, you will have to learn various daily skills for achieving this goal. In other words, you need to attend to it regularly. This cannot be done by people who are hired because it will be too costly on your part.  Below are some healthy lawn tips that could help you achieve this goal.

Watering of the Lawn

Grass, just like any other plant, needs a lot of water in order to thrive. Many home owners are not thorough in watering their lawns. Those who at least make an attempt of watering the grass go about it the wrong way. Many people do frequent shallow watering. This only serves the purpose of encouraging shallow root growth. You should give the grass a good one hour soak at least once every week.


The fertilizer used for lawns is mainly rich in nitrogen in comparison to other nutrients. This is usually necessary for color development. However, excessive application of the same would lead to excessive growth that would encourage pests. Grass clippings could be used in place of fertilizers. Fescue lawns are better off fertilized in March or May. On the other hand, Bermuda grass is fertilized in April. Fertilization during winter when the grass is dormant should be avoided. When you are fertilizing, make sure you move at the right speed behind the spreader to ensure that the fertilizer goes deep enough into the soil.


It is not practical to have a totally weed free lawn. However, efforts should be made to rid of the lawn of weeds. It is recommended that one digs weeds out and replace with grass seeds, which should be watered till they sprout. Keep grasses growing to crowd out the weeds.


A good lawn should be trimmed from time to time. It is recommended that you use a sharp blade. Dull blades turn the grass brown encouraging diseases. Adjust the blade to second or third position to avoid cutting the grass too low.

Soil pH

Have an expert determine the pH of your soil. Some grasses require high pH while others require low pH.  Make the necessary adjustments to alter the pH to an ideal level. These are some of the basic healthy lawn tips that you can use to maintain your lawn.
If you are too busy to take care of your lawn and shrubs, you can hire a tree service company to do the work for you. At Alberta Arborists, we have the technical skills required to care for your lawn. Contact us today for more information.

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