Tree Stump Removal Costs

By: albertaarb - August 9, 2017

Tree Stump Removal Costs


The Problem of Tree Stumps

Tree stumps can be problematic for any number of reasons.  They are unsightly, can be a trip hazard, and interfere with the general landscaping. 

Tree Stump “Causes”

Tree stumps most commonly are the result of a tree being cut down, but not removed from the ground.  However, trees can also die, leaving larger “stumps,” which sometimes include dead tree trunks. 

The Impact of Failing to Remove Tree Stumps

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, leaving tree stumps in the ground can lead to problems.  For trees that are not completely dead, new shoots can develop and grow.  Dead tree stumps can develop root diseases.  Consequently, it is best to consider tree stump removal.

The Cost of Tree Stump Removal

As with many things, how much tree stump removal costs depends on the specific facts and circumstances of each case.  Removing a single tree stump costs less than removing several tree stumps.   However, while most companies will charge between $90 and $110 to remove the first tree stump, second and subsequent tree stumps may be removed for a lesser fee.  

A property owner may attempt to remove the tree stumps themselves.  However, this requires renting equipment suitable for tree stump removal, transporting the equipment to and from the site of the tree stumps, and running the risk of injury removing the stumps.  Most owners agree the time, money, and personal labor involved in removing tree stumps themselves makes that approach less cost effective than hiring a professional.


Companies base tree stump removal costs based on a series of factors.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Age of the tree stump;
  • Type of tree stump;
  • Tree root systems in place;
  • Type of removal appropriate for the circumstances;
  • Soil type; and
  • Clean up costs.

Dr. Kim Coder, Professor of Tree Biology & Health Care, cautions, “Choosing the best stump removal technique for any specific set of site and client circumstances is an important decision process for trained tree professionals.”  The technique used may impact the cost of tree stump removal.

Next Steps

If you are considering tree stump removal, contact an arborist to discuss your needs. 



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