Watch What Grafting a Single Apple can Do for a Crab Apple Tree

By: albertaarb - March 18, 2015

Let’s compare apples to apples, and use apples to grow apples.

Grafting an apple into your crab apple tree can give it new life, with very little work. You can actually get your crab apple tree to produce edible fruit! Sound too good to be true?

“Instead of your old tree producing tiny crabapples that just litter the lawn come autumn, the same tree can be altered to produce one or even several different varieties of superlative eating apples,” wrote Kevin Brooker at

“It’s astonishing enough to learn that Calgary has everything it takes to be transformed into a massive, urban fruit orchard. But the fact that such a thing could happen in well under a decade? Now that’s amazing.”

Let’s take a look at how.

How to Graft an Apple to Your Crab Apple Tree

Follow the simple steps in this video, submitted by Youtube user, John Trout.

Can I Use Any Other Types of Fruit?

Not really, no.

As Josie Myers from Demand Media wrote, “While it would be ideal to be able to graft any fruit onto a crabapple, the only fruits that are known to work effectively and with regular and proven success are other species of apples.”

“Horticulturalists recommend sticking to the same genus and species for grafting. While many fruits belong to the same family called rosaceae, or the rose family, only apples and crabapples belong to the species Malus domestica. With over 7,500 varieties of apples within the species, it is still possible to find a full variety of flavors for grafting onto a crabapple tree.”

These make the best match:

  • McIntosh

  • Delicious

  • Jonathan

  • Winesap

  • Wealthy

  • Rome

What Will Grafting an Apple Tree Do?

Basically, you’re creating an apple tree that can self-pollinate. This will give you a crop of previously-unseen edible and delicious fruit from your crab tree.

“Grafting allows a fruit tree to be melded to a crabapple by meshing a branch of new tree growth, called a scion, with the trunk of a crabapple tree. The result, after healing, is a healthy tree that can grow both crabapples and edible fruit,” added Myers.

Questions About Your Trees?

Now that you’ve seen the potential of a seemingly sour crabapple tree, you may wonder what else is possible. Don’t be afraid to bring in a tree expert (also called arborist) to take a look at your trees. They can tell you what you could get more use from, and identify any potentially dangerous trees.

At Alberta Arborists, we have helped countless people get rid of trees safely and efficiently, and we can help you, too. Our highly experienced arborists are trained to deal with any tree removal in any location and to ensure no damage is done to your property.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate of your job, and save your money, time (and body) from taking care of the tree removal yourself.

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