What Alberta's Hot Weather Means For Your Trees

By: albertaarb - September 28, 2015

Trees enhance quality of life in many ways, providing shade, raising property values, and providing clean air. Taking proper care of your trees can pay off  in a big way in the long run. Although for many, summer means lazy patio lunches, beach trips and sun tan lotion, for trees it could mean something very different.

“Summer temperatures can be hard on trees, especially landscape trees in our urban areas,” notes Kristin Ramstad, of the Oregon Department of Forestry. “If they aren’t well-watered, warm weather and prolonged drought eventually make trees more susceptible to insect and disease problems.” Here are some tips to keep your trees healthy and happy.

Keep an eye out for dehydration

As you may know, there are two kinds of trees, deciduous (which lose their leaves in the fall) and conifers (which don’t), and their leaves react differently if dehydration is setting in. One of the first signs that a deciduous tree is dehydrated is when its leaves begin to look dull and limp.

Keep an eye out for leaves browning, wilting, or curling at the edges, and getting a scorched or burned look, or yellowing or browning on edges. When it comes to conifers, the needles of conifers may turn yellow, red, purple or brown as dehydration sets in.

A good tip is to keep annual flowers or other ground covers away from the canopy, as they’ll compete with the tree’s roots for moisture and nutrients otherwise.

Watering tips

Your trees should have a higher watering priority than lawns. If a tree doesn’t get sufficient water, you are encouraging shallow rooting, which can lead to future health problems for the tree. It is important to maintain a regular watering schedule, especially for younger trees.

In normal conditions, apply around one gallon of water to each young tree every 7-10 days. During times of drought, it is recommended that you at least double this.

You need to saturate the soil within the drip line, or the circle that could be drawn around the tree directly under the tips of its outermost branches. Water deeply and slowly to prevent run-off, and you should try to water trees during the cooler parts of the day, like morning or evening.

Mulch is great for trees in warm weather, as it helps the soil below trees retain moisture, keeps weeds away and helps trees stay cool. Again, apply mulch within the drip line, at a depth of four inches, leaving a six-inch space between the mulch and tree trunk.

Questions About Trees in Your Yard?

If you have any question about tree health, tree pruning, or tree removal, contact Alberta Arborists for the assistance of a certified arborist. Our tree experts are thoroughly educated in all aspects of tree care. 


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