What You Ought to Know About Fruit Tree Pruning in Edmonton

By: albertaarb - September 17, 2013

Fruit tree pruning techniques are an essential part of maintaining the health and productivity of fruit trees. Approaching the task in the wrong way, though, can be a source of problems. It is therefore essential that anyone new to the task ensures that they seek professional advice before undertaking the task.

Fruit Tree Pruning Techniques

Pruning fruit trees is all about maintaining the plant so that its structure remains intact, while also triggering enough flower and fruit growth to make the tree productive. Balancing these two needs can often be tricky. Pruning techniques also need to take into account the age of trees, as pruning young trees can often be very different to working with older plants. Free standing fruit trees or bush trees need to be pruned in winter, when they are dormant. Trained fruit trees can be pruned during other seasons, but it is best to seek advice from professional arborists.

Tree Pruning Tools

Anyone who wants to learn the correct pruning techniques for fruit trees also needs the right tools. A pair of sharp secateurs and a good pruning saw are essential. Blunt tools can damage trees, causing tears in branches which can lead to infection.

Techniques for Pruning Fruit Trees

Bush trees are the most common types of fruit trees. These trees are characterized by their open arrangement of branches growing from a short trunk. The priority for anyone pruning this type of fruit tree is to remove dead and dying branches. Any branches growing in towards the Centre of the tree should be removed too, as these can prevent sunlight from reaching the tree itself.

If the tree has reached its desired height, then it needs to be pruned to keep it in shape. The leaders, which are the new growth at the top of each branch, should be cut back by approximately two thirds in this sort of case. Should the gardener want to the tree to grow taller, though, then the leaders should be left intact. Instead, cut back the tree's lateral branches, leaving about six buds intact.

Professional Tree Pruning

By far the best way of making sure that pruning is carried out properly, though, is to hire the services of a professional. They can make a proper assessment of what kind of work needs to be carried out, as well as providing the skills and expertise necessary to make sure that all trees stay healthy and productive. When it comes to making sure that the correct fruit tree pruning techniques are being used, always ask a professional for advice. Killing a tree by using the wrong technique can cause emotional distress.


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