What You Ought to Know About Pruning Elm Trees in Alberta

By: albertaarb - January 20, 2014

Pruning elm trees in Alberta is important for the health of the tree and the health of your entire lawn.  While you might not realize it, a tree cannot grow healthily and not be pruned from time to time to help sustain growth.  Also, elm trees need special attention so that they will not become ill due to overgrowth or begin to impede on other trees, plants or the house.  Each of these items is worth considering when you have elms on your property.

Elms Will Grow Wildly

Elm trees are gorgeous, but they can grow quite quickly if they are not pruned and cared for.  The nature of the elm tree is to be more slender than your typical evergreen.  Because of this, a particularly tall elm tree will tend to bend and break easily under a strong wind.

Also, any elm that is allowed to grow as it likes will grow in many directions.  If you are not careful, the elm will grow from a sprout in front of a window to a large plant capable of covering the entire garden.

Elms Will Shed Often

The elm tree that is not carefully pruned will begin to grow at such a rate that is will shed its leaves and produce a mess in your yard that is hard to control.  Even the smallest elm tree that is not being cared for will shed uncontrollably and force the homeowner to spend all of their time raking and sweeping rather than enjoying the beautiful lawn.

Elm Trees Are Delicate 

An elm tree can suffer great damage just from losing one branch.  While this is something that can be handled by a much larger elm tree, the growing elm tree will literally snap in half if it is allowed to grow too tall too fast.

However, pruning the tree as it grows strengthens its naturally, and allows the tree to grow to a height that it can sustain even under extreme weather conditions.

Elm Trees Are a Delight to Care For

The main reason for pruning elm trees is that they are a delight to care for.  Being able to care for the elm and prune it as necessary allows the avid gardener a chance to check in with the tree occasionally.  This relationship with the tree can begin a lifelong friendship that started with a sprout out in the front yard.

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