What are the Best Trees to Plant in Alberta?

By: albertaarb - April 23, 2018

Endurance is a key trait for trees that grow in Alberta


The Alberta Landscape


Whether you are looking for some added shade on your lawn or property, nicer aesthetics, or a way to add a natural infusion to the area, planting a tree is a great long-term investment to make. However, to recoup on this investment, you want to pick a tree that is appropriate for the area. Here are some of the best trees to plant in Alberta.

What Do You Need to Worry About?

As a part of Western Canada, trees that grow in Alberta need to have several different key traits that you need to incorporate. For one, the growing season here is shorter than it is in other regions, and you also need to consider the fact that trees need to be ready to endure cold winter temperatures, dry winds, and limited snow cover in some cases. Water-wise plants (those that don’t need excessive watering) are also favoured.


Your Options


Here’s a sampling of trees that are a good match for Alberta:


  • Colorado Blue Spruce – This popular evergreen is well suited for large yards.
  • Columnar Colorado Spruce Tree – This upright, narrow tree is a good match for small yards, and serves as an alternative to Swedish Columnar Aspen.
  • Ivory Silk Tree Lilac – This Chinese tree has both peeling reddish-brown bark and large creamy-white fragrant blooms.
  • Scots Pine – This conifer grows fast, and has orangey peeling bark when it matures. It also works for a variety of soil types.
  • Snowy Mountain Ash – Don’t confuse this with its cousin, the European Mountain Ash, which can be an invasive species.

Tree Care

In some cases, the type of tree that you choose to plant will also impact when you plant and how you plant. For example, deciduous trees can be planted in the spring or in the fall, as long as you make sure there is no frost present on the ground. This is especially the case if you are planting poplars, ash, or birches. With evergreens, you can get started earlier in the spring or even at the tail end of August. This leeway will vary based on the Alberta weather that year.


One way to make things easy for you is to do your research ahead of time, whether it means working with a professional service or looking things up on your own. This applies no matter where you live, but especially somewhere like Alberta.


When it comes to Alberta, you want a professional tree service that knows the area best

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