What is Tree Pruning?

By: albertaarb - October 20, 2017

What is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is the tactical removal of branches from a tree. Tree pruning is a necessary task to ensure your trees stay healthy and beautiful for many years. Pruning can be completed in a few easy steps but needs to be conducted cautiously, as it’s easy to harm as much as help a tree.

Why Prune a Tree?

Trees don’t grow perfectly. Sometimes they need help to produce fruit and foliage properly. Tree pruning can save trees from several issues that prevent the best growth and production.

        Overcrowded branches cause problems by removing sunlight from the main branches.

        Damaged branches can affect an entire tree.

        Diseases often start in the branches.

        Insects can burrow into the heart of the tree via the branches.

        Landscaping will look unkempt if a tree isn’t pruned.


Proper Pruning Techniques

In order to avoid damaging the tree, it is imperative to know how to prune a tree correctly.

        Start by inspecting the tree for damaged areas.

        Begin by cutting around 5 inches away from where the branch attaches to the tree. This will put you close to the trunk when making the final branch cut.

        When cutting a branch, cut at the branch collar.

        Don’t remove more than ¼ of the tree’s crown during a single season.

        Try not to go up from the bottom more than ⅓ of the tree’s height.

        Remove inward growing branches first.


When to Prune

Tree pruning needs to be done at specific times or it can harm the tree. Here are a few rules to follow so you know when to prune:

       Do not prune when trees have just begun to leaf out.

       If pruning for structure, its best to wait until leaves have fallen so the branches are visible.

       Dead branches should be removed in the summer when it is easy to see leafless limbs.

       Pruning low on the tree for clearance purposes should wait until branches are sagging at their lowest point.

Enjoy the Foliage

Once the job is done, you can wait for the tree to bloom during the growing season. Seeing a tree revive from its winter rest is satisfying, especially when it has more blooms and looks better structurally. Your yard will look more beautiful than ever after a thorough pruning.

For more information on how Alberta Arborists can help with your tree pruning, visit their site or call (780) 448-0584 for a free estimate. Alberta Arborists serves the Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert areas. 

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