When Should You Prune Your Apple Tree?

By: albertaarb - April 14, 2016

Who doesn’t love a round, juicy apple? Those fruits are the results of the care and maintenance of apple trees. Like any other fruit tree, apple trees need to be pruned. If you’ve never grown an apple tree before, you might be unfamiliar with the ins and outs of maintaining one. Read on to learn about when you should hire a tree service to prune your apple tree.

Why Prune Apple Trees?

Before you pick up a pair of pruning shears, it’s important to understand why you need to prune apple trees in the first place.

The goal of pruning is to get rid of old wood to stimulate new growth. New growth means more apples for you. Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society also advises creating an open centre within the tree. The open centre lets more light into the canopy of leaves so that the fruit can ripen. Furthermore, improved air flow within the branches discourages diseases.

When Is the Best Time to Prune Apple Trees?

You want to prune apple trees when they are dormant. What does the term “dormant” mean, when it comes to trees?

Dormant trees aren’t in bloom. Trees are dormant after their leaves drop off in the autumn and before their buds begin to swell in the spring. When you prune a dormant tree, you’re not at risk of damaging or completely cutting off a bud that will turn into an apple.

Experts also recommend carrying out some pruning during the summer. At that point, you can see which branches are producing fruit and which aren’t. It will also become clear which branches are diseased or damaged (if any). Those should be removed to enable the tree to grow and produce more fruit.

Should You Prune an Apple Tree Yourself?

You can prune your apple tree on your own, but unless you know what you’re doing, there’s a very good chance you’ll permanently damage the tree. And that will drastically reduce the number of apples you’ll harvest, not to mention the negative impact it will have on the tree’s health.

Hiring a tree service to prune your apple trees is the best bet. Tree service companies, also known as arborists, have the training and experience to prune apple trees properly. These tree care professionals can also examine the tree for signs of disease or infestation and treat the problem.

Find the Right Tree Service Company to Care for Your Apple Trees

You want a tree service company with the knowledge and experience to tend to your apple tree so it produces fruit for years to come. Alberta Arborists has been caring for apple trees and many other fruit trees for over two decades.

At Alberta Arborists, we have helped countless people get rid of trees safely and efficiently, and we can help you, too. Our highly experienced arborists are trained to deal with any tree removal in any location and can ensure no damage is done to your property.

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