Why Hire Professionals for Tree Trimming in Edmonton?

By: albertaarb - May 3, 2013

Some of the largest forests in the entire world stretch through northern Alberta, making it necessary for optimal tree trimming in Edmonton whenever some of the specimens get too big for their own good.  If you are hoping to deal with the trees on your property, there are several things you should know about hiring professionals.

They Have Right Tools For Tree Trimming

If you were going to cut down a large, fifty-foot tree right now, what tools would you have on hand for the job?  Perhaps you have a hacksaw, a chainsaw, and even a mulcher.  But how would you get the trunks from one part of the property to another, short of picking up and carrying the hundred-pound rings of a trunk?  One of the major advantage of hiring professionals is that they come with all the tools and gadgets that you need in order to turn a bothersome tree into a convenient pile of wood chips.  Tools like pruners, rotary saws, and even backhoes are all part of the arsenal of tree trimmers.

They Know How to Save a Dying Tree

In the event that you see branches on a tree that are not budding and flowering, it is important that you make sure that the tree is in good health or else you risk it falling down on your property.  Professional tree trimmers in the Edmonton area will be able to take a diagnosis of the trees on your property, telling you whether or not it is necessary to bring down certain limbs or whether or not the tree needs to be take out altogether.  These professionals know what exactly constitutes a sick or dying tree better than the do it yourself types might.

They are Licensed and Insured

In the event that you are trimming a tree yourself and branch happens to fall down, what would happen?  If it hit a car, could you afford to pay for it?  What about a neighbor's dog?  Perhaps the greatest advantage of hiring a professional tree trimmer in order to take care of the trees on your property is that they are licensed and insured so that they are fully capable of dealing with any accidents that might occur in the line of work.  Each worker has medical insurance as well as workman's compensation so that you are not on the hook for any medical bills that occur due to injury, nor do you have to worry about missing time off from work if the worst were to happen.

If you live in Alberta and need assistance with your tree care and trimming, we at Alberta Arborists can help you. Our professionally trained arborists can properly prune your trees & shrubs in order to remove dead, dying, diseased or damaged limbs, increase light & air penetration by selective thinning and also eliminate potential hazards.

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