Why You Might Need Emergency Tree Removal Service

By: albertaarb - February 10, 2014

Each year, winter storms cause damage to homes across Canada. Certain areas of Canada experience severe storms that include freezing rain, hail and high winds, resulting in the removal of many trees around the city .  After strong winds damage Canadian homes and businesses, people must either make insurance claims or pay for pricey repairs if they do not have adequate coverage. Edmonton, Canada experiences severe wind and ice storms that cause plenty of destruction. The winds can become so powerful that they overturn vehicles and force drivers off the road. 

Damage Caused by High Winds

Fierce winds blow down signs, tear off roof shingles and cause tree limbs to break off. Falling trees or tree limbs can quickly cause a great amount of damage. Storm damaged trees can fall on top of a home or vehicles parked in the driveway. A single large tree branch can cause damage to a house, vehicle, fence, porch, and anything else on its way.  

The Danger of Damaged Trees

Trees with unstable branches pose a risk to anyone who is nearby. Storm damaged trees located near sidewalks or walkways can cause injury to people walking by. Since falling branches can not only damage property, but also injure or kill people, it is essential for homeowners to examine the condition of the trees on their property after a winter storm takes place. Cutting off potentially hazardous tree limbs can stop someone from being injured. Having a professional cut down faltering trees located near power lines can prevent a power outage from occurring.  

The Risk of Power Outages

Falling trees can also knock down power lines, leaving residents without electricity. Residents have no choice but to live without heat and electricity until the tree removal process is completed and repairmen can access power lines and fix them. Winter power outages put elderly, disabled and sick individuals at risk. People who have special needs may need to relocate until their electricity is working again. 

Preventing Storm Related Damage 

There is not much that homeowners can do to prevent trees from damage during brutal winter storms. High winds or ice build up can cause healthy tree branches to tear or snap, but weak trees are less likely to withstand severe weather conditions. People can check the health of the trees growing on their property to see if any weak trees need to be cut down before bad weather arrives to reduce the risk of storm related damages. 

What to Do after a Storm

After a storm, homeowners should check their trees for any signs of damage. Any broken tree limbs need to be removed as quickly as possible before they break off and fall to the ground. Homeowners should not attempt to climb leaning trees or trees with cracked limbs.  

Since damaged trees are highly unstable, homeowners need to call a professional tree removal company rather than try to remedy the situation themselves. A reputable company that specializes in emergency arborist services has all of the knowledge and tools necessary to remove any trees that pose a risk. 

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